• I have declared a major after my first year,however, on MyFile it says "We do not have an application on file for you for an upcoming session." Why does it say that? Is that the right place to check for their decision in my situtation since I am an undecided major student who has filled out a change major form.

    By the way, the form was filled out in mid-april and dropped off at the Bennett drop-off box.

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  • Hi Manpreet,

    MyFile is for prospective students to York that are going through the application process.

    Since, from what we understand, you are a current student, you'll need to check your information through Passport York.

  • Ohh okay, thank you!

  • Hello , i already applied for York U , ( math / physics ) in march 2010 , but i have a 2 problems :

    1 - my adress has changed this month and i was wondering how i could inform the admissions office about this change in case they want to send me a reply to my application .

    2-I was informed that I need to complete a TOEFL test and the results had to be submitted to the admissions office in May 2010 as a deadline.Unfortunatly my TOEFL test will be on the 22nd of may 2010 . With the results being given to me two weeks after the actual test , and since sending them to YORK will take a few days, the results of the TOEFL test will be sent late .My question is: if I am late for the deadline, will I be on the waiting list , will my application be canceled ... what will happen to my application?

    thank you ...

  • Hi Sara,

    For both these questions, we suggest you call Admissions at 416-736-5000. The advisors there can change your address in your file and can put a note in your file about the arrival time of your TOEFL test.

  • Hey !

    Question, i was accepted and told to take my next steps and go to MyFile to proceed. So I entered my reference number (which I haven't used since possibly April ) and ended up with:

    " The information you have provided does not match our records. Please try again."

    I tried another 40 times (exaggeration), and still the same answer. I got the acceptance email 4 days ago, but saw it yesterday and I was wondering when the deadline was.. in case I'm too late, and that's possibly why my reference number isn't there.

    Thank you.

  • I am admitted to first year as an undergraduate in computer science and I was asked to sent my final 12 board results which I already posted about 1 and a half months ago but MY File is still showing not received .Pls check .

  • Hey everyone,

    @ Sharifa - Call the office of admissions to sort this out at 416-736-5000. The deadline to accept should be stated in your offer.

    @Sukhamani - I am sending you a message on FB.

  • I got an email from york saying that I've gotten a conditional offer. However, I lost the letter that has my reference number on it, is there any way I can get that reference number to log onto

  • Hi Rohin,

    Your best option is to call the Admissions Office 416 736 5000.

    Good luck and congratulations!

  • Hi!

    I am currently enrolled in the LA&PS faculty in the Undecided Major program.

    How would I go about selecting a major/minor.

    I would like to major in sociology and minor in visual arts

  • Hi Fran,

    Send the LA&PS Advising Office an e-mail: or check them out online:

    You will want to sit down with an academic adviser to declare your major/minor preferences.

    You can major in Sociology, and may be able to minor in visual arts (BA/Art history). This will not be a studio based minor however. Check out what courses are available to non-majors in the Faculty of Fine Arts here:

  • Hello,

    I just applied to York and got the acknowledgment mail on 4th February 2011. When i try to log on to MyFile to check the status of my application with the reference number I got It gives me the following error:

    "The information you have provided does not match our records. Please try again."

    What should I do?

    Thank you.

  • Hi Dania,

    Well that's frustrating.

    Call the Admissions line at 416-736-5000. They will be able to sort it out and get you access to your MyFile account!

  • Hi Louis-Philippe,

    Do NOT post your reference number. Please edit your post ASAP or I will delete your post to protect your privacy.

    It takes a number of weeks to process the amount of mail the university receives right before the deadline date. Also, please give time for international mail to arrive and be received.

    Hold tight. You can call the Office of Admissions at +1 416-736-5000 to have a rep check your file if you need to speak with someone.

  • Ok, thanks! ;)

  • You're welcome!

  • just wondering...i'm just a bit concerned that i've sent my transcripts a month ago (to this date) and i checked my YorkU file again and it says my transcripts have still not been received.....should i be worried abt this because its taking very long :S

  • Is there a problem if I didn't send all my documents in one complete package? (I sent them separately)

  • I started my application since Nov. 2010.The admission was delayed by its committee...I was told to bring this and that only for my to check Myfile and saw on the decision tab unsuccessful. I then wrote the graduate officer to ask what would've been the reason maybe it was because I choose May entry and it was actually May.up-till now, no reply from her.

    What really surprised me was that this is a person that if I write, within 24 hrs, she would've responded but now she hasn't responded to me which is very unfair.

    I started thinking maybe York is after the $90 Ca from students. I forwarded all the relevant documents, wrote the admission office prior to the start of admission.

    Please, I'll be glad if you can help me on this ''why my admission was denied?''.

    Thank very much.

  • Hi Eze,

    I deleted your second post because you should not give out your reference number publicly. I understand why you're frustrated and unfortunately I do not have access to your file so I can't take a look at it from here. What I suggest you do is call (not email) the department to which you applied. Hopefully they will be able to offer you more insight into why your application was unsuccessful.