Wolf's level 'TOO LOW'?!?!

  • Ian, any admin, I'm sorry, but I am terribly frustrated that my wolf Dingo cannot retaliate on one certain constant attacking wolf:


    Fight link:


    I get red-ltr 'This wolf's level is too low for you to attack' b.s. every time, and wander how or what is it that keeps him from retaliating?? Please help me understand.

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  • Hi! I know my friend Melissa has the same problem. However, she should be able to hit him, yet it comes up with "Level is too low for you to attack", so I'm wondering if it's a problem that particular wolf?

  • The minimum levels are there to protect younger wolves from being attacked by much larger ones all the time. If the young wolf is string then it's likely a playable pup and will be flying up through the levels so I'm sure you will be able to attack it back soon. What level is your wolf and what level is the wolf concerning you?

  • My Dingo is Lvl 105; Carol Pridding's Waging War is Lvl 28. Also at this level, still curious how her wolf can beat my wolf on a consistent basis? (That's a lot of work to earn a single/either Boss!!)

    [Miss you Lycee.]

  • Hmmm. For a wolf pup that is only level 28, with an attack score of over 100k and a defence score of over 50k, something seems weird there too me. I believe her wolf was deleted after a year of inactivity and then restored soon after, I remember discussing it with some pack mates. Maybe that has something to do with it?

    Aye John! It's been a long time since we spoke :)

  • The wolves which were accidentally deleted were restored exactly how they were at the time of deletion.

    Playable pups often share the benefits of their parents such as collection items, not to mention the experience of playing a main wolf for so long, so they can grow strong very fast.