Wof Name Change Issue

  • I have been trying to add symbols to the end of my wolves' names, but it isn't changing the name after I hit the change name button in my settings....ugh! Can someone explain what I am doing wrong?

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  • Which symbols are you adding? They may be special characters used in code so the game doesn't allow them

  • I am trying to use /*VP*\ at the end of my wolves' names. I was able to get the symbols added to one wolf's name but it messed up and looks like this....*VP*\. The forward slash is missing and I am unable to change it, plus, my 2 other wolves names won't change at all.

  • I have tried using a space between the last letter of wolf's name; not using a space. I have tried deleting the wolf's name and retyping the whole thing.....

  • Yea!! The names have finally changed! Don't know if you helped me with this or if my changes just took time to show up, but I am happy :)