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  • Hi,

    I am in the progress of applying a big update, thanks for your patience

    I'm getting it all working now so don't worry!



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  • All done, it's looking okay... let me know here if there are any new problems!

    This is months and months of work that has gone live today...you shouldn't actually see much difference lol! It's all underlaying work required to move on to the next exciting phase of things ;)

    However, you can now delete friends from your list as well as a couple of ther tweaks.

    You will probably need to hit the refresh button on your friends page

  • All wolves now appear to be the same age 736879 with a commensurate increase in score and there is a TEST button on the about (?) pages. Most everything else looks fine. Will let you know of any functionality issues. As always your hard work is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • Thanks for the work but there some stuff strange or not working.

    For Example if i try to get to my stored gifts i get the message "Column 'snid' does not belong to table gifts. "

    According to the "Top 10 Oldest Wolves Ranking" my wolf (and alot of others too) is/are 736879 days old.

    I suddenly got the "4 Million Mark" message for my score (and the ranking shows its over 4 Million) but i wasnt even at 3 Million before the update. Or did the update change the way the score is calculated?

  • Also cant send gifts^^

  • I got the five million announcement and I am now number one in the game, before I went to bed I was number three.

  • Hi guys,

    - Ages should be correct now - this will fix the rankings issue too

    - Test button removed

    - Scores have been reset and should be updated within the hour. Let me know if they go wrong again. For now the rankings page will not be correct until all the scores have updated.

  • Scharon, please explain more about not being able to send gifts. Have you refreshed your friends list from the friends page yet?

  • Was just playing Wolf Pack and noticed a couple glitches. First, the number of hours your food would last was off on the hunting page, yet it was correct on the den page. Second, when I tried petting the other wolves in my pack that weren't mine, all I got was one, when there should have been three. Third, after I logged in here to post about those two glitches, at first I couldn't see any of the wolves in my pack. After I tried refreshing the game, all that comes up now is a blank page and no game at all.

  • Yes have done that.

    Problem when i wrote that was that It said i have 21 gifts left to send. After sending them and it says 0 left. But when i refreshed the page or visited it again it still showed that i have 21 left. I tried sending turns this way and after sending them my wolf still had the same amout than he had before su i guess it didnt work.

    Problem now is this:


    I have refreshed the browser, the friend list and changed browser. It still wont show me a list of people to choose from.

  • Glad you fixed the age and score issue. Only issue now is that everyone in my pack on my screen is showing 0 score while mine is normal. Also when you capture a wolf you get 0 silver or just 1 attack points. So I will be holding my capture as a hostage til its fixed as i do not want to loose 18 attack point or 7k silver.

  • Error message when attempting to share to Facebook the capture of "Warrior the Hunter"

    Message reads

    Object Invalid Value: Object at URL 'https://apps.facebook.com/wolfpacks/rewards.aspx?g=044bb095-819f-447c-8013-2176866d8244' of type 'object' is invalid because the given value ',' for property 'og:image:url' could not be parsed as type 'url'.

    Wolves and bears are sharing okay. As are other players' wolves.

    Coyotes give the following error message

    "Object Invalid Value: Object at URL 'https://apps.facebook.com/wolfpacks/rewards.aspx?g=17820920-de82-40fd-9b6c-429c4af5ed27' of type 'object' is invalid because the given value ',' for property 'og:image:url' could not be parsed as type 'url'."

    Hope t hat helps

  • HI Ian I hope your updates go well. The games seems to be running ok now. I have one issue though. When i want to open a message on the Wolf Pack forum in our pack no messages appear. The subject is visible but when i open the topic there is no content.

  • Mission Help Requests/Help Friends lists: (i.e. missions where friends have asked for help)

    Every mission has your own name on it.. but they are your friends missions

  • Thank you all for you patience and giving me lots of info...

    I have made a note of all the remaining problems and will work on them tomorrow as it's now midnight here.

    The age issue affected the score which in turn made the captures worthless! Doh!

    Hang in there and within a day you should fine that everything is working as normal...

  • p.s. pack forum is now fixed

  • I haven't seen my gift store this clean in years...lol. All of the gifts are gone and this is the message at the top of the page: "Column 'snid' does not belong to table gifts." If you can fix it then I'll promise to never snid again :)

  • I also seem to be sending myself requests for help on seven missions. I'm not sure if the screenshot worked, but all of the requests had my name on them.

  • Issues I have found: Gifts friends have sent me I click to accept but they don't show up on the page of gifts - does it just go straight when clicking in gifts recieved that you accept without going to the other page to click through them again?

    Petting wolves: It used to be each pet counted your friend has three wolves you pet all of them that is one pet for each wolf equalling 3 pets total. Now I pet all three of a friends wolves and only get 1 pet for all 3 wolves. In other words only pet for main wolf seems to count.

    It seems in the pets where it used to list each wolf individually for instance say someone is petting my wolves it would list my name and my three wolves Trabajak, Predita and Kavorn. Now there is three spots with the name of the player but all the wolves are the main wolf name: so if a friend is petting my wolves it would be Trabjak, Trabajak,Trabajak. The first pet registers and the other 2 do not because it goes to the main wolf and not the pups and you get a message that says you have an undefined number of pets left. It tells you that you got 25 for the pet - but I don't think that is true if you are petting the same wolf. Maybe I don't know but it is messed up either way.

  • When ransoming captured wolves, the first few are always worth 7000 silver and all the others are worth 0.

    Everything else seems to be working fine though :)

  • I know that you are working hard to get things working correctly again....we all appreciate your efforts :) I am having some new issues that started today. My gift store is just white with Column 'snid' does not belong to table gifts. Also, when I go to mission help requests, my name shows up on each mission instead of my friends names....lol.

  • I'm so sorry to add another problem to your list...When I fight, the silver at the top of the page does not in crease and even though I can see on my fight page that I have plenty of silver, when I try to buy my replacement items straight from the fight page ( I have the membership) It tells me I not have enough :(

  • I can'y gift friends or have any gifts either..game is messed up silver pets gifts..arghhh..sorry Ian..

  • -- Scores and capture values should now be fixed --

  • Working on mission help page, and gifts received page next...

  • The missions help should be correct now - let me know if not

    The gifts received page is fixed :)

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