Unable to post bonuses and achievements to Facebook

  • The dialogue box opens but nothing loads inside it. Just shows three modulating vertical bars, indicating loading I presume.

    Been this way for about 18 hours now

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  • Same here :(

  • Same for me :(

  • and same for me too :/

  • I was just able to post one, let's see if this is resolved or if the bonus gods just took a one off pity break for me

  • Working again woohoo

  • fb at it again lol unable to post caps and bonuses or gift as well lol what next ??

  • Yeah I can post the bonuses but they're all invalid and suddenly I can't gift

  • When I post bonuses to facebook, the link that posts is the the Wolf Pack game, not the bonus.

  • Since I posted this 8 days ago, I have been able to share bonuses 1 time! It is still not working. Please help.

  • So is the only issue now when posting Bonuses to Facebook than the link is not to the actual bonus?

  • That is correct. I tried again about an hour ago and when I share the bonus to my fb page, the link is just to the game itself, not the link to the bonus.

  • Thank you!!! I just now was able to share my level up bonus....wooohoooooo!!!

  • I celebrated this being corrected too early.....ugh! Just now tried to share another bonus and it only posted the WP game link, not the bonus link.

  • Still unable to post links for bonuses.....ugh

  • I haven't changed anything yet as I've been ill this week, but will try to soon. Strange that it worked the 1 time yesterday

  • I tried sharing again yesterday and it's still doing the same thing.

  • Tried sharing again a few minutes ago...my friend said that when he clicked on the link, it took him to missions page.

  • Just realized that when I am able to share a bonus, it's for level up. Those links are working fine. It's the mission bonuses that are not working.

  • Thanks for the info - I'll aim to take a look into this tomorrow

  • I sure appreciate anything you can do :)

  • Okay so I tool a look at the code and the mission shares have always worked that way - they are not designed to share the mission completion reward with anyone else! They are just a share of the story that you've completed a mission :)

    So it's all working correctly, and does just take you to the missions page if you click the story in Facebook

  • Oh!! ok....LOL!! Never got into sharing before, so now I know :) Sorry for all of this.