Tired of the Glitches Wolf Pack..

  • I am getting really tired of all the glitches on this game. It is suppose to be my stress free place, but with it always messing up it is adding onto my stress for no reason. Right now my game is stuck on a loading screen just flashing away. And my lovely wolf just so happens to have a lot of silver at the moment. Funny how the game always lags out on me when I have 2,000 silver plus. Getting real tired of it.. Oh and my main wolf is still spammed with the same award..

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  • Try rebooting your router.

  • Honestly so am I. Still haven't gotten a response on my problem. I still have questions but dont know where to ask because clearly things are not addressed often here.

  • no problems on my end

  • I am not able to see my wolf while fighting and I am not able to mate even though there is an Alpha Male and I am the Alpha Female.

  • Well Kacie, if you don't report your problems to me then I certainly can't try and do anything to help you!!

    I've sorted your awards for you. With the loading screen it could be your Facebook session - try clearing your browser cookies then trying again.

    Rebecca, if you look through these forums I think you'll find that actually things are addressed very quickly. I haven't been around much the last couple of days and have a lot going on...it's just me who created and runs this game. I've answered your topic

  • This was me reporting my problems to you...

    Thanks for the help....