• I have three wolves who are looking for a new pack to join

    Celt ranked 32nd

    Etienne ranked 102

    Anjou ranked 105

    I am not bothered what rank your pack is as I want to help it to progress.

    My only stipulation is that the pack is active and want to climb up the rankings.

    i am not looking to take over the pack, I will take orders from the creator

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  • I am looking for new members to strengthen my pack and help it grow. If you are still interested then let me know. My pack is 'Wolves of Justice'. Thanks for your consideration.

  • We are the shadow runners. Our pack has died out, so I am trying to revive it a rise in the ranks of the packs. I am current alpha and we have 5 wolves. 2 of them are mine. Here is our link: Plz pm me if you wish to join us. we have a good bit of unity points almost at 100,000.