stamina not building up correctly

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  • Same here and turns are not working either

  • It all has to do with the reset of the server, causing the day not to restart at midnight CST. Ian fixed the clock on the den page and thought all was good......but there are other problems as well. We also didn't get our turns in training, and the daily stats seem to be carrying over from yesterday. I'm sure he'll fix it all.

  • Just adding: like others, it seems that even though my countdowns look normal, my turns aren't actually increasing. I was gone from at the game at least 8 hours from yesterday...came back and my pup only have 17 turns. lol

  • Hi, please clear your browser cookies and cache...this is because the timezone was previously ahead

  • I cleared my cookies and cache. My turn and stamina counters are working well, but I did not receive the opportunity to buy 50 turns for each of my wolves today. And, I've only managed to amass about 13-15 turns per wolf in the 10 hours since midnight. Also can't pet wolves today. Everything else looks good! Oh, and I love the new division of friends into pages!!!

  • Thanks Mary, everyone had the same issue but there's not much I can do about that

    What's happening when you try to pet then??

    Glad you like the paging on the friends list!

  • Things are fine this morning and all is back to normal. I just missed out on a day of petting, just because the petting didn't reset like turns, etc., didn't reset. Everything reset last night, so all is good. Thanks for being so responsive, and thanks for all you do! :)