• How do we get more spirit to carry out our missions?

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  • Hi Courtney, firstly you get some free spirit given to you automatically everyday. There are also a few builds that will give you some spirit once you have them built. Also you can redeem the Insect collection to gain some too =)

  • I've collected over 9000 since they were introduced (This just for my main wolf). Would be great if I could use them as gifts for newer players.

  • What are the Builds that give you spirit? I'm just curious.

  • Each large spike pit trap that you have built will give you 1 spirit every nine hours, and the alphas ledge will give you 1 spirit every three hours

  • Thank you!

  • Ian (or any Admin), like Gary, I too have over-abundance (+10K) of Spirit on my wolves. Any way to 'transact' them? Hint: Be nice to exchange them for Silver, or roll to a Power-up! Your thoughts will greatly be appreciated.