shrinking pages

  • got shrinking pages on gifts missions and anything sent from wolf packs looks like is fb oriented just thout would give you a heads up on it (Y)

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  • Me too!!!

  • Well, cleaning out my browser and cookies, then restart/reboot is NOT working this time around. Ian, if you see this, any other suggestions I may try? As for WP fam, looks like I'll be out of Gifting until this is back online. ;-(

  • I can fight with the one wolf I have already selected. I can go to the training page and spend the bulk of my coins. I cannot change wolves, I cannot see my wolves to select one to change to. I cannot accept or send gifts. I cannot see any of my friends. I cannot make any purchases. I cannot see anyone else in the pack. I cannot build any traps, I cannot start any missions. I can hunt, but when I got a LRRH the share window did this weird slow closing thing and did not recognize anything I clicked on.

  • mine too

  • Hi, I just got back.Is this still a problem for you?