Send/Receive Gifts not working properly

  • When I go to gift store and accept/return gift, then have to go and resend each individually, the section where you hit send gift is quickly getting very small!! I can't send the gift to my friend before the window quickly gets smaller and closes up....LOL!!

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  • I have the same problem.

  • Me too

  • LOL!! Now, when I go to individually send the gift; in the box that pops up in my gifts list, of gifts that I have received but have not used yet; there are 3 revolving lines that show up, but don't actually make a connection, so that I can send the gift to my friend.....ugh

  • it is happening also when I send mission help requests. After I select friends to help; the little window that you have to hit send requests shrinks up very quickly....super weird..LOL

  • Mine is doing this with those gifts - yesterday and today. It blinks and shrinks too fast to click on send and then it just gets smaller and smaller until it almost disappears.

  • I can fight with the one wolf I have already selected. I can go to the training page and spend the bulk of my coins. I cannot change wolves, I cannot see my wolves to select one to change to. I cannot accept or send gifts. I cannot see any of my friends. I cannot make any purchases. I cannot see anyone else in the pack. I cannot build any traps, I cannot start any missions. I can hunt, but when I got a LRRH the share window did this weird slow closing thing and did not recognize anything I clicked on.

  • me too

  • Still having the shrinking "send gift" message block....ugh. Can someone help, please?

  • Just wanted to update; the problem is fixed, for me. Gifting is working very well now :)