Possible glitches with fighting wolves?

  • I've noticed two things in the past few days happening while fighting wolves...

    #1 when I click fight, I have more attack then the defending wolf's def, but after the battle all of a sudden I lose and the wolf has a lot more def than it said... At first i thought "well, I wasn't paying much attention, so it's probably me being dyslexic or looking at wrong number" but today I was paying close attention... It said the wolf had 4100 something def, but after I hit fight it suddenly had 7000... I don't think any item can do that (and if one can, give me one o.O)

    The second thing is the score range sorting. It will show me wolves in the 8000-11000 score range for a while (which is correct) then it starts showing wolves in the 5000-6000 score range. This one i thought might be because my strength potion expired; however, it kept doing it even when I still had plenty of wolves in my own score range to fight.

    ~Karme ze wolf

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  • Me too same thing exactly but it was soon as my shop items dropped my list showed wolves half as strong but I think that is to do with score I lose score when I lose shop items

  • Heather,

    2 questions:

    How long do you have the Vs view open before you hit the fight button? Could be that the denfending wolf buys shop items or improves emotions between you opening them to fight and actually starting the fight.

    How often do you find this happening? Always? Or just now and again?

    With the score...it expands your range if there are less than 10 wolves shown to fight. Its likely you are moving between these ranges due to your emotions or shop items

  • Most of the time I just have the Vs view open long enough to double check the other wolf's def, then I hit fight

    That doesn't happen very often; however, I also fight a lot of wolves with very low def as many wolves do go for more attack XD

    and the score thing happens sometimes even if I don't lose a shop item or after I buy the shop item again it will continue for 5+ turns before going back up to my score range... Out of 50 turns I think only 20-25 of them were fights actually in my score range

  • It doesn't appear to be doing either of the above today... just lost my strength potion and when I bought it again my score range fight list returned to normal :)