Pages not loading

  • My game loads very slowly. It takes forever for new pages to load when I hit different buttons and I usually have to hit the refresh button.......which takes forever.....ugh!!! I really enjoy this game, but these issues make it NO fun, at all. Plus, I have posted other issues in the past week and no one ever responds anymore.

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  • Lauri, it is always helpful to everyone if you try a few things first. What operating system are you using (Windows 10?), and what browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Torch?). Have you cleared your cache recently? Is your operating system and browser up to date? Sometimes, simply closing your browser window completely and opening a new one clears the problem. If others are not reporting the same problem, it is not likely that it is anything Ian can fix, which is a possible reason he has not responded.

    Some of my pack members have been having issues but they are on older operating systems/computers and not using Chrome. One guy switched and many of his issues went away. He still has an older computer but at least he has some improvement.

    We can fix or rule out a lot of things on our end before we ask Ian to step in. And when we do, we can tell him what we have done and tried. It can really help him zero in on the problem much faster.

  • Hi, I do reply to posts I've just been very busy and have a sick child to look after currently...

    The game is responding quickly any time I try, so I'm not sure what may be causing it to be slow for you other than potentially the speed of your computer / is it busy doing other things??...the game is a web page so it will only load as fast as your computer allows it to. Chrome is absolutely the best web browser to use to play.

    No changes have been made to the game recently (as I've been on vacation) so nothing has happened to cause any slow down or other sudden problems