Pack raids

  • I am giving up doing pack raids for my pack. Just raided a pack with 7000+ silver and only made 120 silver split among 7 active as a reward. Just not worth 5 turns. Ridiculous!!!!

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  • Did you not capture any victims? Ransoming them can make a raid quite lucrative for your wolf!

  • Yes, you sometimes get captures, but most of the time they are inactive and not worth much. My concern is that when I fight wolf v. wolf, I know exactly how much silver I will win. 10% plus my normal earnings. When you fight pack v. pack, there seems to be no rhyme nor reason for the amount of silver won. It seems that it used to be the same for pack fights but it's different now. Does anyone know how pack fight awards are made or is it just totally random?


  • Well, it can give you pack unity and other good rewards. It's worth it in its own ways

  • OK, just for the heck of it, I launched a pack raid.

    Pack raided showed that it had 18972 silver. The reward(?) received was 155 silver and one capture.

    Is this a just reward for wasting 5 Turns?

    Once again I'll ask if anyone knows the formula for rewards of a pack raid?

    Once again, I expect no answer.

    And if some does happen to know, they won't tell.

  • I don't think anybody is withholding info Gary, it's just that so few people do pack raids, because you're right, those five turns could be better spent elsewhere.

    The only thing I seem to remember is that you get something like an extra one half of one percent depending on your level of Respect accrued, again hardly worth it when you can instead get Silver gifts which are worth 100 right then and there.

    Lol I think the only reason most do them is to dethrone the Alphas so as to cause irritation to a rival pack. Anyway there you have my complete sum of info on the topic :)

  • Yep, you are so right. People just do raids out of spite. Good reason to do away with them all together.

  • Why are there no packs to fight within my pack range? We are ranked 62; but no packs to fight.

  • I'm having the same problem. Every time we go to raid another pack, there are no packs within out range. If we have 115 as our attack rating, there is no one under 135 to go after. How is this fair? We can be attacked, but have no one to attack in return.

    I don't raid out of spite. I do it to get silver for everyone in the pack, and to up the amount of food and training my alpha can get.