One way to add friends to the game

  • We have been testing a way to add new friends to the game, since Facebook doesn't share friend information with WP anymore. This has worked for at least one person with that Bad ID problem. Facebook depends on shared friend requests but WP depends on bond levels. How to increase bond levels if you can't see to gift or pet?

    Player A is the new friend. Player B is the one that wants to send something to Player A (or pet etc). Player B posts a link for a gift such as Respect or Silver. When Player A clicks on that request, it will send the gift, and that will establish a bond in the game. When the players come in and refresh their Friends list, they should be able to see each other and go about their business of gifting and petting. You do not have to be FB friends for this to work. You do need to do something to raise the bond level.

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  • Yes this is a good work-around, thanks for sharing...

    Until Facebook give the permission back I am thinking about the best way to friend others inside of the game...I'm thinking of a simple friend request button on the view wolf page, and if the other player accepts then a friend link is established...sound okay to you all?

    I've already made it so that your pack members are automatically friends to help

  • I like the idea of a simple, non-Facebook way to be friends. Some don't want virtual strangers having access to their timelines. This will also help keep the drama down.

    Love it that pack members are there to help. One more tweak would be that pack members could "float" to the top of the petting page so that we can take care of our own before petting others. It also makes it easier for those on mobile devices.

    Thanks for your hard work!