Not getting the power-ups after completing missions.

  • I have completed several missions with all of my wolves but not received the power up listed as reward. Most recently with 2 wolves * Artemis & Zaffari* on 30/10/17 for both. I should have gotten the "Fire water potion". This did not show up on either wolf. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Hi George,

    Looking at the power ups for both f your wolves, they each have an entry for the fire water potion which was added at the same time the missions were completed - so it looks as though everything was added correctly.

    1 pup has 4 of the potion and the other has 5.

    Are you definitely not seeing this when you switch to one of these wolves and view your power ups?

  • I brought up power ups & refreshed & they are there now. I'm not sure what happened. Thank you for responding.

  • I have not been getting my mission rewards for several time! & not getting the honor atleast twice on the dayly gifts ! PLEASE look in to this for me! Thx!!!