"Next" Feature bug

  • If you get a bonus while you use the "next" feature, and continue to use it, It will continue to say you have a bonus, even though you don't get it.

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  • As well as showing you're hit a wolf's trap and if you've captured them it'll show the share button at the bottom.

  • Okay Ian's said it's gonna be corrected today

  • These should be cleared correctly now - please let me know ASAP if any further issues :)

  • The only issue I'm having currently with the new feature is the button to share captures is still showing up when not capturing a wolf, springing traps and bonuses though have been fixed. :)

  • Ah okay - thanks :)

  • When using NEXT and you move up a level that informative window does not disappear.

  • To add to Derek's comment the only way to get rib of it is to load a new page.

  • Thanks, the bonus one should be no longer sticking but I'll get the level up sorted today

  • Fixed. Any more issues let me know :)