New wolves cannot use 'next' properly

  • I just got a controllable pup, tried to fight using "next" and got this:

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  • Did it then work after you got that message??

  • Nope, had to buy a weakness potion. It doesn't show any opponents on the screen as well(Will get a picture once I use up the potion)

  • This is the page when the message shows

  • Try now and let me know :)

  • I'm having this exact same issue with my pup that i just got. Except i dont have money to buy the potion.

  • I am having the same issue as well with my two pups.

  • I had issues with this at first as well. It seems to have sorta itself out now.

  • I had this with a new pup and my siblings, who recently joined, have had this problem as well.

    It seems to correct itself once the wolf reaches level 10 but the game forces you to stay on "Weakest First" despite never giving you a Tracer of Weakness Potion.

  • I had this issue too. It did sort itself out ((for now)), but it is weird.

  • I had this issue the first day I started playing, the game wouldn't allow me to switch the ordering. Next day I log in the issue is gone. I believe the issue is the default setting for new wolves and next button not recognizing that it's a default. (if that makes any sense).