Memorial Hunt for Richard Meehan hosted by Dark Warmongers

  • Please join the Memorial Hunt hosted by the Dark Warmongers:

    Many of you will remember Richard Meehan, who was a retired Fireman and was suffering great ill health from injuries sustained during 9/11. He was a hero, a good man, quiet, reliable, just accepted his pains and illness caused by 9.11 and knew the injuries were slowly killing him. That is why he left DW family and stopped playing WP. He was having headaches, troubles with his eyesight at times and much pains. Richard passed away on 1st January. Rest in Peace our Richard.


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  • 102 wolves attended the Memorial Hunt held by Dark Warmongers for Richard Meehan. Thank you for attending and showing your respect for a great American and dedicated WP player. RIP dear friend. Your Dark Warmongers wolf family salute you.