Impossible to get best hoarder in game award!!

  • Okay, the 6 months and few days that I've had this wolf, I do not get rewarded for the most silver when I have the highest amount at the time and never have gotten. About 5 months ago, there was a day where I had 200,000 silver at once and I went to the rankings page, and well, it said I had the most silver, and the person with the second most at the time had about 15,000, so i pressed the awards dropdown option, and for the best hoarder in game award, it said something along the lines of "you need -185,000 silver to complete this award" and I never got the award, and also never getting the bonuses from it. I don't know if this is happening to other people, but everytime i've had the most silver at the time, it would just do that same thing

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