I did not get my Turkey

  • I came into the game just now and saw I got a turkey :). But it's not in my wolf's food section. :(

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  • I did not get my turkey either, same situation as Diane's, not in my food section.

  • My turkeys did not show up, either. I am beginning to think our entire pack did not get them, and I am asking everyone as I know several did not. My real life turkey dinner was excellent, however :)

  • I did not get my turkey either.

  • I forgot to mention my pups didn't get their Turkey either.

  • Same here, neither my main wolf nor my pup.

  • When I got into the game on 11/26/67, it said I had gotten a turkey. None of my 3 wolves show anything in storage turkey wise

  • Sad to say, same here, said I got one but it's a no show.

  • No turkeys for either of my 2 wolves. :(

  • My 2 wolves did not receive their turkeys, either. I don't think our entire pack got them!

  • I didn't get a turkey for either of my 2 wolves :(