• A hunt was started using power ups for that person's wolves. When the rest of us tried to join.

    , when we clicked the actual join, we didnt. Then when we tried again it said it was too soon, we had to recover from the last hunt. We all hunt at the same time.

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  • I'm having the same trouble too. I started a pack hunt this morning but none of my wolves are in the hunt. It shows the time countdown but no wolves in the hunt. My 2 controllable pups who joined the hunt also get the message for needing to recover before being able to join. But, they can do regular hunting even though I had joined the pack hunt. I think the game even took the turns away when I started the hunt with one pup and tried to join with another.

    Here's the link for when I started the hunt

  • Hi Don, this may have been due to the new location of the images which could have prevented the hunt entries from working - something I fixed yesterday...probably after you tried to start/join your hunt

    I've cleared the hunt, given you back 5 turns, and reset the restrictions for all your wolves. Please feel free to try again and let me know how you get on :)

  • Thanks a lot for looking into this Ian. I'll be getting another pack hunt going this Sunday and I'm sure it will go smooth :)

  • Did I get mine back too? I can't remember what we had and all 3 of my wolves tried.

  • I've given your wolves their turns back Stacey :)

  • Thanks so very much!! <3