Gifts not recieved

  • For several weeks now, I've been trying to send out gifts to my packmate. The game says the gift is sent but my packmate says he's not getting anything. We both have tried cleaning out the internet cache and even refreshing the game but nothing is fixing the issue. Does my packmate have to kill his wolf off and start over? Any other gifts I send out to my friends playing WP receive the gifts, just not the one in my pack.

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  • Hi, nobody needs to kill any wolves!

    It sounds like an issue with your Friend's facebook settings to not show requests from the game. You are sending them correctly from the game but due to his settings he is not seeing them. I suggest he looks at his settings in Facebook for the game.

    Presumably he is not getting gift requess through fom anybody else in the game either?

  • No, he isn't. I'll let him know about the game settings.

  • My friend says he gets the gift notification but when he goes to the received gifts tab, it says there are no gifts.