Gifts from Non friends

  • Ever since it was changed to anyone can gift you, I have a gift box full of things from people I do not know and have never sent a friend request so I do not know if they play or even if they are valid people. I just want to know how to remove these unwanted gifts from the gift box. Thanks!

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  • Hi,

    It's not that 'Anyone can gift you', only people on your friends list can. The change was that pack members now automatically become friends.

    'Unwanted gifts' lol....nice problem to have!

  • Thank, but these people are not on my friends list, never heard of them. Yet they still have found me. I have had friends who's profiles were hacked by accepting gifts by unknowns. I just am wary of people I do not know sending things. I am up to 2 pages now and would like to know how to remove the gifts or if they eventually fall away.

  • The gifts will eventually expire. There is zero possible way that you can be 'hacked' by accepting a Wolf Pack gift, so you can accept them all then sell the gifts if you like.

  • Great! Thank you so much!!