• Ian gifting is just horrible. For the last two weeks when I accept and gift back, I have to scroll to the very bottom of the page for each individual gift or for each individual. It is horrible. I remember you fixed awhile back and the gifting was great. Now it is very time consuming and very aggravating. If you have time please take a look at gifting, and I'll be in very happy. Thanks for your time and the game.

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  • Hi, are you talking about the little Facebook box which appears asking you to confirm that you want to send a request to someone? Because unfortunately I have no control over that appearing, or where it appears. The game just invokes the Facebook request (gift) and Facebook does the rest.

    There is a little check box in those popups which stop them appearing for a while, so are you ticking that before pressing Ok?

  • My gifting is the same way. If I accept and send back box another box appears at the bottom of the page and I have to click it for every gift,. I click the little box that says dont show this again. But it keeps coming back.