Game not loading

  • The game isn't loading for some of us. I am in the US she is in Canada.

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  • In Canada the game isn't loading for me. I have heard some friends commenting on seeing some message about a certificate or something but I don't even get that.

  • I don't get a message; just a white screen.

  • The game is not loading for me, either. I'm not getting a message, though, just a blank screen with the frowny paper-face thing.

  • It's the SSL certificate - expired sooner than I thought sorry - I'll have it up and running shortly

  • All back to normal now

  • Is there another problem as to why the Game won't load..

  • Mine was out for a short time, have you cleared your cookies and tried again Deb?

  • Not to my knowledge all working okay

  • game still doesn't load

  • Jan, game is loading fine. What is the exact issue you are seeing please?