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  • Hi everyone,

    Posting in this forum is in agreement with the following ToS

    Hopefully you will find answers to any questions you have here and find it a useful place to make suggestions, raise issues, or just meet similarly minded players!

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  • In addition to the game's Terms of Services, the following forum ettiquette MUST be observed.

    Serious violations of these will likely result in BANNING from the forum/game and possibly in-game punishments.

    This forum is here to provide a clean & helpful place for players to discuss the game and raise any problems, questions or suggestions. We hope it helps :)

    1 - Respect the Mods and the time they put into this forum to keep it a clean and decent place to come to have discussions and ask questions. Mods have previously been sent private messages and even posts in threads telling them that we were wrong in deletions, locking threads, or not stepping in soon enough. The mods are all volunteers, they get no compensation for the time that they put in to watching the threads, helping others, or stopping bad threads. People have to understand that when they post something that is unacceptable, they can't blame the Mods for their own mistake.

    2 - Respect all other members. No assaults on the character of other members

    3 - If you want to address a topic different from what the original poster stated then start another thread

    4 - Try to keep names OUT of public discussions (including pack names), when possible. If this is not possible, then the Contact Developer link on the game should be used to raise the issue direct with the developer

    5 - Following on from the above point; "Calling out" of other players - It is inappropriate to publicly create a thread that calls out the behavior of another member (including MODs). If a player's behavior needs to be addressed, use the private message/contact developer system. An attempt to "rally" the community against another player or players, will result in immediate deletion of the thread and possible in-game punishment

    6 - Once you've stated your position don't come back fifty times to reiterate it to each person that may disagree with you!

    7 - Flaming: Often times, one may wish to engage in sarcasm or a bit of wit; however, please exercise caution when doing so

    8 - No insults, name calling or rude suggestions. Overall, treat others as you'd like to be treated yourselves. If you'd like respect then you need to be able to give it, or if you wouldn't like to be attacked then be aware of not attacking others