Food remaining inaccurate count

  • It said my wolf had no food remaining, so i used my 100 turns to hunt. When I was in the hunt tab it said I somehow had 1200 hours of energy, but when I went back to my den, it said i only had 112 hours. 112 hours does sound more accurate for 100 turns of 100 food catches.

    Is anybody else experiencing a different number of hours remaining in their den vs when they hunt?

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  • Josh, that part of the game has not changed at all so this sounds strange...

    I'd be interested to know if anyone else has the same problem

  • Having similar problems. Had around 200 hours of food on the 29th, today (31st) I get warnings that I'm losing attack points due to hunger. Also, chance to catch went from 83% to 68% (full happiness, no fear, no change in # of pack members)

  • A couple of days ago I fixed this problem where the hunt page was showing the food remaining incorrectly.

    Basically the age which is used in the calculations was always zero, instead of the wolf's true age. This would affect the catch chance too, making it easier as there is a bonus for young wolves.

    So it is different, but it is now correct - sorry! :P