Fight Issue - Trouble Playing

  • Every couple of fights, I'm kicked off the game and get the "Aw Snap! Something went wrong while displaying this webpage." screen. It only happens on the Fight tab, after every couple of fights, and it's making it very difficult to play. This doesn't happen anywhere else on Facebook or on any other website. I've also cleared my cookies and all that, but it keeps happening.

    I dunno if this is related, but in addition, my wolf's tail doesn't look right on the Fight tab. After a fight, it looks sort of grayed out and seems very jittery/glitchy when it wags.

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  • Arghhh...I haven't changed any code....

    Are you allowing the page to fully load before pressing the 'Next' button each time?

  • Yeah, it's loaded fully each time, but it keeps kicking me off every couple of fights.

  • Is this only when using the 'Next' button?

  • Okay so I've fixed the jittery wolf issue, and I don't know if that was the cause of the crashing page or not....if you could all let me know please

    Also make sure that you have adblocker extensions switched off when playing the game

  • Apologies for the delayed reply!

    Yes, the issue seems to have been fixed. The game hasn't kicked me off or given me the "aw snap" screen ever since the jitteriness stopped.

  • WOOO! :D

  • im just wondering why i keep losing attack & defend points when im fighting

  • Wow, an old topic to dig up!!

    Your overall skills are made up of a Core amount (the amount the train etc) and a free Bonus amount.

    The bonus part fluctuates depending upon your wolf's shop items, and it's emotions. Often, as you fight, your emotions will change such as your fear and anger levels decreasing.