Fight button not working correctly

  • When I fight a wolf, the "fight button" color fades and the time runs out. I don't collect the silver and the next button doesn't show up. If I hit the "choose a different fight" button, nothing happens. Can someone help??

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  • I am speaking of the fight button that shows up after you choose the wolf to fight; when both wolves are shown that are fighting. Also, I am not getting the "next" button.

  • Hi, no changes have been made to the game recently (as I've been on vacation) so nothing has happened to cause any sudden problems - which web browser are you using to play? Has this problem suddenly started for you??

  • I have been using mozilla and explorer; yes, it started suddenly. When on mozilla, after I hit the fight button, both wolves disappear for a few seconds and then a message pops up that says "Secure connection has failed" and to notify the website administrator.

  • I am in explorer now, page loads better but when fighting, after I choose opponent, the fight button doesn't acknowledge when I hit it. It fades but the countdown continues. The next button never shows up. I do get silver about 30 seconds to a minute later.

  • The standard fight, fight in your pack and the launch a pack raid buttons are not working either.

  • I don't know what to tell you other than it's not a problem with the game as such as it's working for everyone else and that code hasn't been changed in a long's almost impossible for me to know what the cause is if I can't recreate the problem myself.

    Have you cleared the cache out in your web browser?

  • I figured it out!! Last week, I added symbols to the end of my wolves' names. I just now removed the symbols and now everything is working like it did before. Just wanted to let you know in case someone else has similar issues in the future.