Facebook changes to Friends

  • Hi wolfies,

    So unfortunately Facebook have made an immediate change due to their recent data breach so that games can no longer get a list of friends for a player, other than friends who are already playing.

    This means that the invite page and 2 of the send gift buttons will no longer work, and I'll have to remove them from the game :(

    Damn you Facebook!

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  • Thank you for the update Ian. Privacy is important, so I understand where this is all coming from.

  • Dammit Facebook! The dedicated band of WP players will struggle through somehow. ty for explaining Ian.

  • Darn you Faceboooooook!

  • ALL these changes that Facebook is making....You know? I am getting sick of people pissing on me and telling me it's raining. I hate Facebook. What is wrong with keeping it AS IS?

  • Agreed...it's mainly due to the big data breach they had with Cambridge Analytica so they decided to limit what ANY app can do. Also they are trying to make Facebook less spammy with requests from games asking you to play as well etc.

    I'll replace all this with the ability to friend inside of the game, but hopefully once Facebook support get their act together you will also be able to get your normal Facebook friends back in the game too

  • What the heck is happening? I cannot send gifts out, a tiny window opens and says "send" or "cancel" but it won't give me access to the names of any other players! And now when I fight, it takes my silver away, have no idea where it is going. What the heck is the problem here? How can anyone play if their silver disappears and cannot send gifts out? These problems are making it almost impossible to play! When can we expect it to return to normal? TY.

  • Cat, read the other forum post. I am working on things as fast as I can.

  • Good news! We have the friends permission back from Facebook so normal service is resumed! You can access your friends playing Wolf Pack just like you used to be able to

  • I just killed MY wolves and started over and now that helped. :) I wanted to delete my wolves and start over, anyways. Even though my main wolf was at level 125. I look at it THIS way: When I killed my wolves and started over, THAT gave me NEW wolves to conquer. :D I think it is fun to create a new wolf. Now. I know that not everyone is willing to kill their wolves. And I understand that. But, I am glad I DID. Because, like I said, that gives me new wolves to conquer. ;)