Exceptionally high rate of stamina loss

  • Experiencing a strange issue today. While fighting and when an attack of mine is countered, I seem to be losing double stamina.

    In a single fight, by which I mean my first attack of the day and starting with full stamina, I both set off a fighting trap and was subject to a counterstrike and as a result lost ALL my stamina.

    Similarly a later fight that was countered I lost my then total of 7 stamina.

    Will watch carefully and advise if penalties or bonuses are doubled too.

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  • You broke it Kev~~~~~

  • Happened again today. This time I waited for the counter attack to arrive and found that I lost ALL my stamina from that alone. I took shots of the banner showing the incoming counter notice and then what happened when I reloaded the den page. Drop me a message if you would like to see them.

    I don't know if anyone else is having this problem and I know you're very busy Ian so I'll just have to restrict myself to game wolves on full moons until you can sort it for me. *sigh*

  • Hi Kev it would be useful to see them please yes