Deleting friends who no longer play

  • When I hit the x to delete a non active friend; they still show up in my friends list. I have done this numerous times to a few of them and they still are showing up.

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  • works fine when I try it. Is anyone else here experiencing this problem?

  • I have 2 computers that I use to play, so I don't think it's a computer issue. I use firefox too.

  • If you switch to the 'removed friends' option on the friends page do you have any deleted friends showing?

  • Yes, I have deleted friends showing :)

  • Been trying for the past 10 minutes to delete friends that don't play anymore. It asks if I am sure that I want to delete and I his the OK button.......I refresh friends. They are still there!! I am only trying to delete 2 right now and neither is being deleted.