• Hello hello!

    I've been a part of Wolf Pack for 3356 days (that's a little over 9 years) with my wolf, Splinter, and one thing I came to love about this game was the sense of community and camaraderie. Lately, though, I've felt that that's kind of faded away. A lot of older players I remember playing with have stopped playing, and others aren't as active as they used to be. I know the important things in life off the internet always take priority and things happen, but I do miss that camaraderie and fun that used to be seen among players on these forums and within FB groups about WP. So the purpose of this topic are simply these:

    -Say hey!

    -Perhaps list a cool thing about the game or your pack?

    -I dunno if the sense of game-wide community can come back as strong as ye olden days, but maybe...maybe people can try. Who knows?

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  • Hi Trent from another Oldie - Slyo*silver of Dark Warmongers pack. I agree with you, its pretty tame these days in here and elsewhere in the game compared to the "old days" when we never knew what would happened each day. :) The players were vocal and opinionated, sharing , caring and gossiping, the fights could be vicious at times, but even so the camaraderie was high. But would we want back those days? The game has become quieter true, and the result is that a lot of younger players have come in which bodes well for the future of this wolf game. :)

  • Hi Trent! I remember the times you speak of- what wild times they were! Denali, my main wolf, is 2934

    days old, and she remembers how things used to be- She even remembers the wolfie "restaurant" dear Splinter used to run! lol!

    I think that since, as you've mentioned, so many older players have dropped out, the new ones have come in and haven't really had time to form the bonds and drama that us veteran players used to dip our hands in. While I certainly don't miss the drama and all the hateful crap that came with it...I too miss the bright and flourishing community WP seemed to bring out.



    A cool thing about our pack....Well, I'm really proud of them! When WS first started, it was made up of just me and one other player, and was rank 128. Now, its rank 2 and is thriving with a family of over 40 players who make up our three-pack family! They fight hard! We also love to role play....I remember when that was a big thing.

    Thanks for giving us a chance to reminisce!

  • I certainly don't miss any of the drama, looking back on that I feel everyone was a bit silly when it came to the drama side of things, but the sense of community and camaraderie is definitely missed.

    Ah yeah, I do remember that restaurant! ...I think if you looked for it now, it wouldn't be there. Splinter ate it. All gone, no more restaurant! :P

  • Agreed- I think 99% of us WP players were a bit dramatic at times. I know I certainly was! But I think as we grew up (or at least, as I did) drama just became annoying instead of "fun" or whatever else it might have been. Thank goodness for that! And yes, I think it would be awesome to see the community come together again. There is a Wolf Pack Group if you're interested in joining it (link below) that there's a bunch of people in, where I've not really seen drama in a very long time.

    Splinter! Goodness, doesn't he know Denali was going to reopen it? LOL! The picture below was a drawing of Wolf Symphony's Thanksgiving celebration.... We could invite Splinter because we were afraid there wouldn't be in turkey left for anyone else! Dunno if the picture will load but let's see !

  • Hey!

    My wolf is a young one at 1644 days. The community is there, but it is not so much out in the eye of the casual wolf. My pack is a strong family where that feeling you describe does flourish. As most of us are adults, we don't do the role play as much as we just bond as friends. Some of the groups got to be nothing but name-calling bash-fests, so I ran away as far as I could. The newer ones seem to be quiet most of the time.

  • I certainly grew up a lot since I started Wolf Pack! I was a teenager when I started, I was young!

    Haha no worries, to be honest Splinter wouldn't even fit in the picture! ;) I've done my own little designs and such with him, nothing I want to show though.

  • Old guy here as well, almost as old as you at 8 1/2 years. I slowed down on WP and quit commenting and left most of the groups over the drama. I think many of the new players talk on the chat page these days.

  • 3032 days (8.3 years)

    Oh no! you are picking on Oldies. Why did we stop the camaraderie? Drama was part of the game when it was kept within in the game but some could not accept that it was part of the fight for supremacy. Then there are the cheaters with multiple FB accounts but it is the snowflakes who grizzle and groan that my little wolf is being bullied, try being out in the real world if you want to suffer bullying. “Oh no I cannot cope: They attack my wolves every day”. So now I just play the game as I want at my own speed and stay loyal to the pack that I am in. As I have said before, as a wolf I read and stop at every post and mark it.