Cannot Mate or See My Wolf While Fighting

  • I noticed sense I joined the game I could not see my wolf when fighting another. The opponent shows up but not myself.

    I have also taken an Alpha Female position and there is an Alpha Male. However when I click Mate nothing happens and I've checked my wolf to see I have mated 0 times.

    Any help or fixings would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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  • Rebecca, try clearing your browser cache as it make be you have something corrupted in there.

    You are unable to mate because you are still a pup. Your need to be over 10 days old.

  • The same thing happens to me, too. I tried clearing MY cache browser and it still does it. Odd.

  • Rebecca keep your Game Quality settings at Basic and you'll see your wolf. You'll be able to find the option under your Settings tab and down near the bottom of the page.