Buying turns not re-filling to 50

  • This happened a few months ago, also. My buy turns isn't regenerating to 50 turns, so that I can buy them....ugh!!

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  • How high do they go then, and is the countdown still going?

    More details please!

  • It's doing it again, today. How many hours have to pass before it refills the 50 buy turns. I used my 50 turns and also bought the 50 turns last night about 1am. Is is now 7pm and there are 0 turns available to buy. This happens with all 3 of my wolves.

  • Ok, is the turns countdown still ticking? If so what happens when it reaches zero?

  • I don't see a countdown for the "buy turns"..under the training button. I see the countdown for the regular turns though; it is working fine. Tonight, I have the full 50 "buy turns...under the training button....finally. After you purchase all 50, how long does it take for them to regenerate?

  • Sorry, I thought you were talking about the standard turns accumulation. I think the buying turns resets at midnight game time, but I will have to check

  • Well, it's doing it again...ugh! I played last night and used all the regular turns and purchased all 50 of the "buy turns". I finished playing all 3 wolves before 1am. It is now 6:39 pm, Saturday night and I have 0 "buy turns" available for any of my wolves.

  • Yeah!! I just logged into WP and the "buy turns" has 50 available!!! Maybe it is working properly again :)