Building Lookout Posts

  • I just wanted to know about fulfilling the requirement of "At least 15 counterstrikes or 12 turns"

    What does it mean by 15 counterstrikes? Do I need to counterstrike 15 wolves in one day, or overall? Because I'm pretty sure I've probably already done it that many times overall, and its impossible for me to do it in one day.

    The reason I ask is I hate having to use my turns for anything other than fighting unless I absolutely must and all I see when I use up my turns on builds is attack points going down the drain. So if theres a way to avoid using them it would be really helpful x

    Thank you :)

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  • It means 15 counterstrikes overall, you can keep track of how many counterstrikes you have on the achievements page. I'm not sure if it may not count some if you got them before the builds were added though

  • okay thank you :)

  • 6 Stick Collection Items

    I seem to be unable to acquire these items, I have posted on my page, in chat, and asked other members. I feel I have received at least 6 but I still can not build.

    I have green checks by both these goals, however the stick collection is missing

    Pack Meeting Circle built

    At least 5 counterstrikes OR 12 turns