bond not growing

  • I pet and gift these two wolves daily, and see gifts from them too, but our bond never goes past 5%. Every day when I go to pet, it is zero. I pet, it says day zero. I do not see that they are petting me..maybe that is why? Their links are; and My wolf is Thanks for looking into this.

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  • I have same issue with couple of friends, bonding stays 5 % at all times, no matter how much I pet their wolves

  • Hi, bond levels don't grow for friends marked as removed (on your removed friends list)

    Are they showing on your normal friends list or not?

  • my 2 are not on the list as it is first opened. they are not on my "removed friends" list either. They only appear after I refresh my full list. I know the one is using the i.d. of different player, apparently with your permission..his Owner name shows up as Jon, but is located on the refreshed

    list between the names Sharon and Shannon. His actual name is Shane.