Pharmacy FAQs

  • Please look at the below list for answers to your questions about the Pharmacy operations. If you need more information or assistance concerning pharmacy issues, post a question or concern below the FAQs.

    1) What is the phone number to call to put in orders for or check orders for medicine refills?

    The pharmacy has a mandatory phone-in refill policy. To request refills call (915) 742-1200 or 1 800 916-3580 (for long distance).

    2) How can I get more information about the next Prescription Drug Take-Back Day?

    The Prescription Drug Take-Back Day events are sponsored by Army Substance Abuse Program on Fort Bliss. ASAP generally holds two of the events a year – one in the fall and another in the spring. For more information on the Prescription Drug Take-Back Day events, contact ASAP at (915) 568-1033.

    3) What should I do if my off-post network provider prescribes a medication not offered by the on-post pharmacies?

    Supply your off-post provider with directions to the WBAMC’s formulary link – located at at the bottom of the pharmacy department web page. This link gives information detailing the medications and formularies used by the on-post pharmacies.

    4) Is it true that Walgreens is not going to remain a network pharmacy?

    Yes, Walgreens will no longer be in the TRICARE network after 31 December 2011. However, negotiations are still ongoing, so check the TRICARE website for the most current and accurate information.

    5) How do I know what nearby pharmacies are in the Tricare Pharmacy Network?

    If you wish to use a Tricare Network Pharmacy, go to the following link and enter your zip code to find a participating pharmacy near you.

    6) What are my options for filling my prescriptions?

    TRICARE offers four convenient ways to fill your prescriptions. We recommend that you fill your prescriptions at one of our Fort Bliss military pharmacies for no copay. The second best option is to use mail order (TRICARE Home Delivery) for 90-day supply of generic $0, brand $9, and nonformulary $25. A less desirable option is to use a TRICARE Network Pharmacy for up to 30-day supply of generic $5, brand $12, and nonformulary $25. The least desirable and highest cost option is to use a non-network pharmacy. If you use a non-network pharmacy, you will have to pay the full cost up front and will receive partial reimbursement after meeting an annual deductible. Check out the TRICARE Pharmacy link for more details.

    7) How do I know what medications are stocked at Fort Bliss military pharmacies?

    The list of medications stocked (drug formulary) can be found at the William Beaumont Army Medical Center public website. This information is available for your use as well as your physician. You can search for a medication by either the drug name or therapeutic class. Please check often since we update our formulary monthly.

    8) Where can I have prescriptions filled at Fort Bliss?

    We have four convenient pharmacy locations to fill your prescriptions: WBAMC, Freedom Crossing PX, Soldier and Family Medical Clinic (SFMC) in main Bliss, and the Mendoza Soldier and Family Care Clinic (SFCC) in East Bliss. All locations fill new prescriptions written by either off-post or military providers. For hours of operation and contact information, go to the link

    9) Where can I pick up refills of my medication?

    The Freedom Crossing PX pharmacy is our centralized location for refill pickup. All refills are ready within 72 business hours. Thank you for requesting them ahead of time so we can give our $750,000 state-of-the-art robot a good workout.

    10) How can I request refills for my medications?

    The pharmacy offers three convenient ways to place your refill requests 24 hours a day. You may phone-in your request at 915-742-1200. The second is through a secure web refill request which is fast, easy, and great when entering several prescription requests. Last, you may use TRICARE Online to place a secure web refill request. The link for web refills is found on the William Beaumont Army Medical Center public website.

    11) How do I dispose of old medications or medications I no longer use?

    Thank you for being environmentally conscious! To dispose of medications at home, first make the medications unusable by others. We recommend that you crush or dissolve the medication in water and mix with kitty litter or coffee grounds. Seal in a plastic bag and place in your trash. Please do not flush them down the toilet. For additional information about medication disposal, go to the SmartRx Disposal website:

    12) How do I talk to a pharmacist about my prescriptions if I have questions later?

    Pharmacists are available at every location to discuss any concerns about your medications. Call Main pharmacy at 569-2793, Freedom Crossing at 742-9017, SFMC at 742-1802, and Mendoza SFCC at 742-1400. Check our website for the most current information since phone numbers are subject to change.

    13) How do I get self-care (OTC) medications?

    If you already have a self-care card issued by another military treatment facility or clinic then take to the pharmacy to receive the appropriate OTC medication. For beneficiaries without a self-care card you can take the self-care class on-line, print the certificate and bring to the pharmacy to receive your self-card card. The self-care class information is available on WBAMC homepage.

    14) The pharmacy on post does not carry my medication. What off-post pharmacies accept TRICARE and will have in stock my specific medication?

    Visit the TRICARE website at for a list of pharmacy providers near you. It is advised that you call the pharmacies before driving there for the “specific medication” since the pharmacy may have to order the medication.

    Be sure to bookmark the WBAMC Pharmacy Internet page for hours of operation, request a refill, find out how to dispose of unwanted medication, or to look up a drug on our Formulary:

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