Mendoza Soldier Family Care Clinic - East Fort Bliss

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  • This is my first time refilling my prescription, and when I called the refill hotline it said that I was not able to refill it. I have right about two weeks left; am I calling too soon? Look forward to a reply!

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  • Ma'am -

    Generally about ten days out is the time to refill. If you call during normal

    business hours for the refill pharmacy it gives you the option to speak with

    someone in the refill pharmacy. Please try that option if you continue to

    have problems refilling your prescription.

  • i am seeing Dr. Lutter for my pregnancy and she is so helpful and accommodating. there have been times when i am early for my appointment and check in and she has taken me back and seen me and then had the nurses to everything so i wouldnt have to wait while she was in between patients. way to go for making patient care a top priority!!

  • Thank you for your compliment Ms. Sanes.

    We will pass on to Dr. Lutter your comments.

  • once again the staff has been amazing at helping me. i called this morning to see if Dr. Lutter had anything open for today since i may not be able to make my next appointment and even though she did not, the gentleman that looked for me was incredibly polite and helpful. :) thank you for their great work once again!

  • I havent had any bloodwork done here yet. I did today for the first time. I didn't get a clear answer on how this works. How long does it take to get back, and Does a doctor call you with the results or what happens next? It is a blood pregnancy test and a thyroid test. I tried to call the clinic to ask but it keeps ringing and ringing. Any advice would be appreciated.

  • Ms. Miner -

    We will find out the answer to your question and post it here shortly.

    Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to serve you better!

  • Thank you, I will be looking forward to your response.

  • Ms. Miner -

    You should be called with the results of your laboratory tests.

    The doctor, or a nurse, will call you and ask you to verify

    some information which helps identifies you as the patient -

    such as your DOB, full name, etc. After verification they will

    provide you with your results over the phone or ask that

    you can into the clinic for an appointment.

  • Ok thank you for that response. Is there any timeline of when this would happen?

  • Ms. Miner -

    The Clinic OIC should be contacting you today.

    Please let us know that this happens by posting an update on this page.

    Thank you!

  • Thank you so much! One more thing...I changed my number recently (bad cell phone LOL) I gave them the new number yesterday at the clinic. I hope they call the right number.

  • Almost COB and still no call

  • Patients - please use the below listed numbers to contact the Soldier Family Care Clinic. These numbers may be used to make telephone consults and reschedule a follow-up or any general questions about the clinic. You may still call 569-2273 to schedule appointments as well.

    Pediatrics - 742-1437

    Family Care - 742-1107/1147

    Soldier Care - 742-1186/1225

    For Saturday Clinic - please contact the Family Care front desk -


  • I took my children to the Saturday clinic today.First we sat for 2 hours with an appointment.And second they put my children with a doctor who doesn't even see children a Dr Marshall. Her nurse didn't even know how to take my children's temperatures.After all this we were switched to pediatrics so they could do the throat culture on my son.The pediatrics nurse came in handed me my son culture and told me to head over to the lab and pharmacy.No one informed me of my son or daughter's diagnoses even after I asked.The doctor was unavailable.When we get to the pharmacy my daughter had medicine but my son did not and we had to go back to pediatrics.They had to track down the doctor and when we get my son's medication all he has is Tylenol and some itchy nose medicine. Nothing for his sore throat or his cough. Not to mention that my son and daughter's medication did not tell me how much to give them so they can not take it.My son is running a temp of 100.7 and my husband will probably wind up taking him into the er.Because I do not feel he was properly diagnosed or given the right medication.and I have filled out an ice complaint.

  • Since writing my first post. The pharmacy and doctor could never agree on a dosage for my son and daughter.We called the telanurse and she sent my son off post to a urgent care clinic.Where they did a flu test that came back positive. My daughter I was told did not need the medication that was given to her and the telanurse gave us some home care advice.My son is now on the medications that he needed which included antibiotics.

  • Ms. Mefford -

    We were told that someone from leadership at the Soldier and Family Care Center have contacted you to discuss your concerns.

    Please let us know if this has not happened or if you have any further questions or concerns.

  • Ms. Dillon --

    Your post was removed because of noncompliance with Office of the Surgeon General/US Army Medical Command Policy 12-020, dated 12 March 2012, SUBJECT: Social Media Comment Policy. In accordance with paragraph 5b, "PII or PHI will never be published on social media networks or military treatment facilities websites. All PII or PHI posted by a user will be immediately removed.

    However, you concerns have been forwarded to leadership at the SFCC.

    Thank you for your input.

  • Ms. Daniel -

    We are sorry but there are not walk-in slots available in Family Care at the Mendoza Soldier Family Care Center.

    If your pain becomes unbearable between now and Friday, please contact the appointment line and

    ask for a referral to urgent care or present to the ER.

  • Please forward to Patient Advocacy. The following comment was posted to the SFCC's new immunization policy note:

    Honestly, I never had ANY issues getting vaccinations at SFMC. I walked in everytime, never needed an appointment and never waited more than 30 minutes. They are efficient and courteous. So far, I've been to the Mendoza Clinic twice attempting to get my 2 year old her 2nd Hep A so that I can send her to the CDC. Once I waited 90 minutes and was unable to stay, the other I waited an hour only to be told they weren't accepting walk ins anymore. My two year old just needs her 2nd hep A. When I spoke to someone at immunizations there they informed me they only take the first 10 walk ins starting at 7:30. I have an oldest daughter to get off to school. I can't be there until 8:15 (my husband is deployed...I'm sure this is the situation with many other spouses on post). They cannot guarantee I will be seen. We should be able to choose to go to the other clinic - it's easier, better and MUCH faster. In the past while being seen at the Mendoza Clinic, we have frequently waited up to 60/90 minutes to receive vaccinations after appointments. It's hard to want to take the time to get the proper care when you know it's going to take up your entire day. In addition, It's frustrating that we are unable to transfer to an off post pediatrician anymore and are forced to one clinic that is overtaxed and is unable to give the quality care that our kids deserve. I would appreciate your staff looking into this and trying to fix this. Thank you.

  • Ms. Moris - We will forward your comments to Patient Advocacy.

    Your post is not exactly clear - the point of the flyers is to eliminate the walk-ins and long waits and schedule immunizations times to reduce the long waits and to ensure a safe and efficient method for providing immunizations.

    The SFCC has more than double the amount of patients enrolled than the SFMC.

  • Good morning, I am going to be registering my son for preschool (off post socorro isd) in March and he needs some of his immunizations. Am I able to make a dr appt for this or how do immunizations work here? I havent had to do this since Ive been at Ft Bliss.

  • Ms. Woods - you will need to make an appointment for your son.

    Please call the appointment line at 915-742-2273.

  • Thank you very much!

  • Can someone explain how this makes any sense at all. My son had a fungal infection his specialist that we see off post prescribed him something said if it didn't go away call your PCM. So that is what I did for the last week and the person on the other end said it is not an acute issue the infection is not getting better and is actually spreading EWWWWW. Thank goodness I took a routine appointment and it is this week, but this is ridiculous. The medical needs are not being met and no one cares or atleast that is how I feel here at Fort Bliss. THe only way things seem to get done is to either post here, file and ICE complaint, or go the Patient Advocate never have we lived at an installation like this NEVER.

  • With respect to children with fungal infection, unfortunately I would need to know what type of fungal infection, depending on this would be able to determine how long the treatment is. However it is necessary to see the patient in order to identify if 1) patient is improving 2) requires lab work 3) requires change in medication. With respect to the appointments, they are made by Central appointments, there is also the WEB enabled option for appointments.

    Central appointments should not be making the disposition that it is not an acute issue. Did you call

    the central appointment line or to Pediatrics Clinic at Mendoza Soldier Family Care Center?

  • I called central appointments. Well turns out it was a fungal infection even though his Nurse Practitioner said it wasn't and gave him a steroid cream that made it spread like a wildfire during a drought. I think we have the correct plan now, but I still don't understand how central appointments makes the call when something is routine or acute :(.

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