Viking attire?

  • This will be our first river cruise. We are going to the Christmas markets the first week in Dec. 2012. Can someone please advise if jeans will be ok? Thank you Lisa

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  • I've only been on one Viking cruise (on the Helvetia), but my experience was that jeans are fine. In fact, we saw just about everything from very casual (sweats and jeans) to dressy casual, with very few suitcoats and ties. Your cruise is all about enjoying yourself and seeing the sights, so don't worry about impressing your cruise mates with your wardrobe. Dress for comfort.

  • Thank you for your response!I heard that the first night is a little more dressy then others, True? We have been on many large cruise lines but never one this small.

  • The first night on our cruise, we wore the clothes we travelled in because our bags were lost in Munich and didn't catch up with us before we sailed. We really didn't see anyone "dressed up" anyway, so we didn't feel out of place at all.

  • Relax Lisa, dress onboard Viking ships are very casual, especially the first night as some folks do not get to the ship until almost dinner time. There will be a Captains welcome dinner and goodby dinner, but even then you will see a lot of people wearing jeans. I personally bring along a pair of dockers for those two dinners, but wear jeans the rest of the time. Other than that, it's polo shirts in the summer months and turtle necks in the winter.

    We also are going the first week in December on the Danube Waltz cruise on the Njord.


  • Hi, Lisa! It seems that we will be on your cruise! It will be our first river cruise as well. We are from Michigan. Where do you call home?

  • Just returned from the Romantic Danube, on the Viking Odin., Dinner dress is very casual, jeans, khakis, capris, shorts. There is no call for a dinner jacket or tie, most men left them home, and no dinner gowns, as well. You are there to have a good time, not to worry about what to wear, Enjoy your trip,

  • Carrie, home is the mountains of Tennessee. Lisa

  • We have been on 3 Christmas cruises with Viking, dress is relatively casual. Jeans or slacks are fine. Some men wear a jacket and tie at the Captains dinner but not required. Most women will wear something a little "sparkly" on that evening but it could be jewelry or a scarf with a metallic thread or a top with some beads or sequins. I have found the Christmas cruises are a tad (and I mean just a tad) more dressy for the Captains dinner than the cruises at other times of the year. However I do recommend bringing a warm coat, gloves, hat or earmuffs and good warm walking shoes with warm socks. Are you doing the Rhine or Danube cruise? Both are fantastic. Please go to the markets and try some of the foods, GREAT! Each market has it's own specialties so don't think if you see something in one market you will see it at the next. If you want it, get it! I would go again in a heartbeat. Just relax and enjoy, it is magical.

  • Lisa, we will be on the Helvetia Dec 2nd. Is this the ship you will be on? This too is our first river cruise. So excited about the Christmas markets! We are from GA and OH.

  • Hi Mary Louise. No we are leaving Dec 1st. I believe we are on the Njord. I am getting so excited! Lisa

  • Lisa, if you are on the Njord Dec 1st, we will be joining you! This will be our fourth cruise with Viking and are really looking forward to seeing the Markets.

    Bill and Sharon

  • Wonderful! We to are very excited about the markets and our first river cruise. I was reading on cruise critics that since we will be there Dec. 6th it is St. Nick's day???? do you know about this? I believe one blog said they ask us to place our shoes outside our door at night so he can leave us a gift of sweets?? Don't know. but sounds good! Lisa

  • Dec 6 is indeed St. Nick's day. It is mainly a German tradition and not many Americans even know about it. I don't know if it is celebrated onboard Viking ships, but I am sure that there will be an announcement about it if so. We will have to try and get together for dinner. Maybe meet up in the lounge the first night before dinner?