Tourist Visas

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  • Hello U.S. Embassy,

    Good Afternoon, I have an appointment on September for my b2 visitors visa interview. Here is my case I am under petitioned by my U.S. Citizen father who is a U.S Veteran of Vietnam War last year under the Unmarried Son over 21 category, currently I am my dad's caregiver/aid and attendance and he wants me to accompany him to the U.S. for a short visit and I told him I don't want to go to the U.S. because it might affect my petition but he insisted on me to go with him and his reason is that he is already old and he wants to visit his homeland before he dies and he is kinda sentimental and he is crying and he is unable to travel alone and by the way he is a disabled U.S. Veteran so I need to assist him on his daily activity such as pushing his wheelchair because he cannot walk long distance and I give his medications everyday.

    My question is will I be given a visitors visa for a short visit to the U.S and return back to the Philippines and what papers or documents shall I bring to the interview day?

    thank you very much for spending time to read my questions and God Bless..

  • Good day!

    I recently received a text message from a sender named PASSPORT saying, "Document ready for pickup."

    I would just like to ask if this is regarding my US Visa. Thanks!

  • Misha Lee,

    Thank you for your inquiry. Please call (02) 301 2104 between 8-10 am and 1 to 3 pm to check the status of your nonimmigrant visa application. NIV Admin2

  • Karine Lagrosa,

    Thank you for your inquiry. You may apply for a nonimmigrant visitor visa at any consular post. However, it is best to apply in the country where the applicant normally reside. Admin NIV2

  • Jay Jam,

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    You may apply for a Visitor visa. Please note that visitor visa applicants are presumed intending immigrants during their interview. Having a pending immigrant petition may make it difficult for you to overcome the presumption of immigrant intent. You may also refer to our website FAQs:

    In case your father pays you as his caregiver, you may apply for a B-1 visa. You can see the application procedures at

    Should you decide to apply for a visitor visa, you may refer to our webpage, for application procedures. -- Admin NIV2

  • Have a blessed day everyone. I was wondering if I can apply my Mother for DS-160 online in her behalf? Or does she need someone do it for her in the philippines? She's 64 years old and can't use computer, can't speak english and had a hard time to understand as well. She would like to come for temporary visit here in US. And also I would like to ask if it possible to have someone to accompany her to come and visit since she can't able to travel herself due to some ear, eye, and heart problem? Please I need opinion, appreciate it a lot.. Thank you. God Bless Philippines... More power US Embassy..

  • Hello,

    As I was continuing my saved application for DS-160, I noticed that the "Have you made specific travel plans?" question field is already missing. However, the rest of my answers are there. I am worried that, it may cause some rejection during the interview? Though I haven't submitted my form yet. I just want to know your insights about this. Thanks!

  • Kenjustella Gayleard,

    Hi. You may fill-out a DS-160 for your mother but you will not sign and submit that for her. You can save the filled-out form, send the file to your mother or a relative or friend here who can help her electronically "sign and submit" the form. Ideally, it is best that someone in the Philippines would help her fill-out form DS-160. Part of the instruction is that the applicant should be present with his or her aid when the form is submitted (online).

    We hope this clarifies. Thanks. Admin NIV2

  • Dear US Embassy,

    I am confused because B-1 Visa is for Business/Conference and I am not going to the U.S. to do business or have conference there.. I chose B-2 because it's tourism/personal which I will be accompanying my US Citizen father as his personal caregiver.... Should I still change it to B-1 as you advised me? thanks!

  • Hi Jay Jam,

    It's alright to to use the B-1 visa category. It is also a visa category for domestic employee(s) of American citizens. You may refer to Thanks. Admin NIV2

  • Dixie Philamerah,

    The question would not show up if you print the form. However, your other travel infomation such as purpose of travel, intended date of arrival, length of stay, address where you will stay in the US, etc should be there. You only answer the questions that show on your form. Thanks. Admin NIV2

  • Dear U.S. Embassy,

    Thank you for the reply, I have last question, how will I change my B-2 to B-1 since in my appointment letter it specify B-2.. should I make another Electronic application and change it to B-1? will the consul officer not get confused? because it was the US embassy call center agent told me that I should apply for B-2 so I submitted to her.

    Thanks more power!

  • hi my name is may de andres and i have a friend in the Us who's been inviting me to go to there to visit and come back here ,i just want to ask what are the requirements needed to apply for tourist visa? what numbers i can call to ask fully? thank you....

  • Dear US Embassy,

    I filled in DS-160 form originally for a B2 visa, but i still haven't paid that application. There have been a major change in my travel plan since I will be joining a program that requires J1-visa. So, will my J1 visa application be affected given the fact that i have already submitted a DS160?

    Thank you.

  • JayJam,

    If you intend to visit the US, the correct visa category is B1/B2 or B2. If you would get paid as caregiver for your father, the appropriate visa category is B1.To change your visa category, you may fill-out a new DS-160 or you may edit your form.

    For information on how to edit your form DS-160, please refer to Thanks. Admin NIV2

  • Lee Shane (May de Andres):

    Basically, you only need to comply with three steps: pay the fee at any BPI branch, fill out form DS-160, and get an interview date. Details of the application procedures for a visitor visa can be found at Thanks. Admin NIV2

  • Hello,

    Is there a way to make an online appointment? coz making an appointment tru the call center US Embassy is too expensive coz and I am outside Luzon area.I hope there is an online appointment and if there is pls give the link/site thanks.

  • Hello,

    i went to the U.S year 91(5months) and 2001(5months) and was given a 5 months and 10 years visa respectively.on 2003 we my wife apply for visa but she was denied and my visa is also cancelled because the reason given to me is section 214(b).now i want to apply again with my 18yr old daugther ,do you think we have a chance to get a visa?thanks

  • Hi. I have a newborn infant and we want to get her a tourist visa like ours (we got multiple entry, 10 years). What are the complete necessary requirements needed for our infant to apply for a tourist visa, aside from paying the visa fee? Thank you so much.

  • Gud day Sir/Mam

    I'm a casual employee in our municipality, what documents i need to present if i have an interview? I've got a single entry visa in year 2001 my aunt invite me there and she sent me her document (like bank statement), can i still use that kind of documents because she is the one who is sponsoring my trip again? Because i really want to visit them and specially my grandmother =D. Thank you and God bless.

  • Good day! Upload my photo and it passed the test photo on the first page of the application. I was in the last part of the application, my photo won't appear, instead it appear "Photo Archived. Must bring new photo in the interview". What is the meaning of this? Tried uploading a new picture but message is still the same. Please help because I already filled all the details and I'm stuck in the photo section. Thank you.

  • U.S. Embassy,

    hi,good day... i am married to american and were here in japan right now because he was stationed here,.. i am planning to go back to philippines next week,because my husband in going for an assignment in california for a month because his working in USAF,.. since i don't want to leave here alone by myself in japan ,i am planning to visit a friend, for a week or two...just want to ask if is it ok to file a tourist visa to visit a friend ? and u think it would be easy for me since i am married to american? what are the papers do i need to prepare? and i have no job,but i have a lil savings and my friend is the one who will cover all my expenses for the trip.. thanks

  • Hi, is it possible for my sister who is mentally retarded to qualify for a tourist visa? She now 46 years of age. Our parents (78 & 86 yrs old) are presently in the US holding a legal permanent resident. Three of our siblings are in the US (2 citizen/1 lpr). Thank you very much.

  • Vincent Yap

    Hi Vincent,

    Thank you for your inquiry. Congratulations on your newborn!

    Aside from payment of the fee, you would also need to fill-out the DS-160 form and schedule an interview for your baby. For further details, please see

    Thanks. NIVAdmin2.

  • Winter Glitz

    Hi Winter,

    Thank you for your inquiry. You may submit (online) your DS-160 without the photo and bring a a "2x2 passport photo" to your interview. Admin NIV2

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