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  • Hi, I was given a 10 yr visa just this afternoon...will wait for 4-5 days delivery thru a courier.Thank you very much.God bless...

  • To Admin CONS2,

    I've asked a few questions on here and have received all of the standard answers but have never been able to talk with anyone about my real concerns. I have called and emailed the embassy several times and have never gotten a reply to my questions. I even placed a private message on 1 of your officers facebook page all to no avail. When my friend had her interview of course it was denied but I also know that if the officer would have looked at her documents he may have changed his mind. I'm not blaming the officer because he didn't look at her papers but I am not happy with the officer that said they would look at them. You ask people with good reason not to lie on their applications, but trust is a two way street and I feel very let down by the whole process including the emails that were sent from the embassy to my 2 senators saying that whoever interviewed her would give her every consideration. He didn't even know about the letters. All they asked was for them to look at her papers. Everything she said on her application was the truth, she said she was a homemaker because thats what she felt she was. She is also my private nurse. And worked for me before we were ever involved as BF-GF. If she fills out a new app. it may look like she's lying. I need some help and advice so things don't get messed up any worst than they are. This is a copy of the letter that I sent before but received no reply. I have removed the name of the person it was to.

    My name is David Myers, I live in Bonuan Gueset Pangasinan.< formerly from South Dakota>

    I've been trying to make an appointment to see you at the embassy but haven't found a way to do it.

    I came to the Philippines on the advice of a friend for medical reasons and now have permanent residency under their SRRV program. It really isn't possible for me to live in the US at this time because of my disabilities, I can't afford it. My friend was here for over 30 years.

    I met a nurse here through my friend and our relationship went from being an employee to being a girlfriend. On June 5th she had an interview at the embassy for a B2 visa and was denied. I thought at the time that a letter from my 2 senators would get the interviewer to look at her documents but that didn't happen. Her application was although truthful evidently filled out badly, my fault.

    I really need to go back to the states for an operation and having gone through this before I know that I need her help. Maybe the B2 wasn't the right visa to apply for, I'm not sure. There is no reason to apply for an immigrant visa because thats not the intent. She has everything here that she desires.

    I have built a house next to her parents house and live with her there. I pay all of her SSS and Phil Health, I help her family with their needs and give her whatever she needs, or wants. Her dad is old,82 and her mom is a diabetic. She isn't going to go to a place where she has no relatives or friends when she has everything she wants here and can take care of her family to.

    Since we put she was a homemaker on her application and said I would pay for the trip to the US and back it might look like she is lying if she would reapply and then say she's my nurse and has her own money which is also true.

    I don't want to mess up her chances of being able to come to the US by filling something out wrong.

    I know that your busy but hope that you can and will take the time to help or advise me and feel free to check out my FB page and friend me if you want to. I do a lot of photography all over Asia

    Thanks again for reading,


  • hi! I am a us citizen. I want to ask as to how long will the process be to petition my mother? how long will it take for my mother to become an immigrant if I petition her? and in what category will she belong? and what is the priority date as of this time for that category? thank you.

  • hi! I just want to clarify if the questions in DS 160 are all the same / standard for all applicants? because my brother and I encountered different sets of questions. In work/education/training part, We both have the same answer in primary occupation, which is " business" and I only encountered question in "present" but my brother encountered questions "present", "previous"and "additional". what is the reason for this thing? thank you.

  • Hi Giselle,

    Thank you for your feedback. However, visa applicants would only answer the questions that come up in their application forms. When filling out the form, applicants must provide accurate and consistent information based on their current situation.

    Thanks. Admin NIV2

  • Just what I expected, waited a week for a reply and nothing again.

  • Hi US Embassy Team,

    I just want to know and I think I need enlightenment here, my parents got their visas denied twice already, the first was last June 2010 and the second was just recently June 29, 2012. They are applying for Tourist Visa. Considering that they are already a Senior Citizen and they wanted to visit their daughter for a limited time, the chances of getting there is really blurry.

    My sister is already naturalized US Citizen and we have complete documents proving that my parents are going to come back to Philippines after their visits. We need your inputs on this please. thank you.

  • I want to apply a tourist visa. Reason for which, is to visit my ailing father who was hospitalized due to dysphagia, increasing debility, mild demenia and hypertension. According to the doctor, his condition is terminal. My querry is, how long it will take for me to get a visa, upon completion of the necessary requirements.

  • @David Myers

    Mr. Myers,

    We apologize for not responding to your latest messages sooner. Unfortunately, we do not do specific case inquiries via Facebook.

    Please address your message to

    Sincerely, Admin CONS2

  • @William Brian

    Hi William,

    Thank you for outlining your situation but you didn't state your question. Can you please clarify what you'd like to know?

    For your information, the link below is to the Frequently Asked Questions section of our website. Your question may already be answered there.

    Sincerely, Admin CONS2

  • @Brgy Capirpiriwan Cordon

    Magandang gabi po,

    Below are two links that will help answer your questions. The first is a step-by-step explanation of the tourist visa application process. If you are approved at the interview, the visa will be sent to a location of your choosing in 3-5 business days. The current wait time for interview appointments is less than one month. In cases of emergency, you may be able to receive an expedited appointment. The second link explains how the expedite request process works. You will need to have a current appointment before requesting an expedite, so follow the steps in the application process and schedule the first available interview. Then use the information on the second link to request an expedited appointment.

    NIV Application Process:

    Expedited Appointment Process:

    Sincerely, Admin CONS2

  • US Embassy

    Good day. I been interviewed twice, same questions they ask but they denied me. i think i answered the questions and i telling the truth, my porpuse why i want to go to USA. and now i planning again to apply for an interview for non immigrant visa , what should i do to prove that i stay only 2 to 3 weeks in US , because i need to come back here in the phils. to continued my studies, im 21 year old and incoming 4th year physical therapy , i now i have 3 months vacation in my school , and my uncle and my aunties inviting me to spend my vacation their in US.


  • Brgy. Capirpiriwan, Cordon, Isabela

    I was interviewed last July 12, 2012, and my passport is in the hand of the interviewing officer. Is it possible that they will consider my application? If yes, how many days will it take? I stated in my application to pick it up at 2GO sm manila. Thanks.

  • Hello USEM,

    Qquestion lang, possible bang makakuha ng tuorist visa ng wife ko kahit nakapetition ako under F4 category?



  • Hello USEM,

    Qquestion lang, possible bang makakuha ng tuorist visa ng wife ko kahit nakapetition ako under F4 category?



  • hi USEM,

    I had my interview for NIV ( B1/B2) this morning, unfortunately I was not given a visa. The consul gave me a blue paper and marked X this statement " You did not establish that you are qualified for one of the non-immigrant visa categories as indicated in the INA." what does the statement mean? I've visited U.S.A for several times, visited different states and cities, theme parks and landmarks and never stayed beyond the allowable tenure of stay nor violated any rules and laws of the States. I Spend thousands of dollars in shopping and pay the taxes that was added to every thing that I bought, used and ate. And, I never tried nor attempted to work in the U.S.A.

    I just don't understand, how come I am not qualified for one of the non-immigrant visa categories as indicated in the INA?

    Does this mean that I have no more chance to see U.S.A again? No more Macy's, K Mart and Target, No more Las Vegas and Manhattan? Orlando Disneyworld and 6 flags mt.?

    Please clarify the marked statement. Thank you.

  • Alvin Matanguihan,

    Hi Alvin,

    It is best if you would direct your case-specific questions to In a week or two, you should get a response from us. Thanks. Admin NIV2

  • Brgy Capirpiriwan,

    Hi Sir/Ma'am,

    Please send your inquiry to You should get a reply in less than one week. Thanks. Admin NIV2

  • hi! just wanna ask if having delivered a child in the U.S is a ground for visa refusal (renewal)?

  • Good day! I just want to ask what a CEAC Confirmation Letter is. The instructions I received from has indicated that I bring one for my visa renewal interview. I read from a previous post ( that it is not implemented in the Philippines yet. Do I still need to bring one? If yes, how do I get one?

    Kindly assist me. My interview is on August 6 and I really need to take some action if it is needed. Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Misha Lee,

    The CEAC confirmation letter is the CEAC confirmation page or DS-160 confirmation page, a requirement for nonimmigrant visa applicants (except K1 and K3). As for the Facebook link you gave above, our Immigrant visa Admin. answered the inquiry for an immigrant visa applicant whose visa requirement does not include a DS-160. If you are applying for a new Visitor visa through Visa Reissuance Program (VRP), you would only need to bring your CEAC/DS-160 confirmation page, valid passport and all passports from the time you were issued a US visa, proof of extension of stays (if applicable), to your visa appointment.

    You may also refer to our webpage regarding VRP,, for application procedures.

    Thanks. Admin NIV2

  • Hi Maximo,

    An immigrant petition may hinder an applicant from obtaining a visitor visa since nonimmigrant visa applications are generally evaluated based on section 214(b) of the US Immigration and Nationality Act. This law requires consular officers to presume that nonimmigrant visa applicants intend to immigrate unless they can demonstrate that their familial, social, professional, and economic ties to the Philippines are compelling enough for them to return after a temporary stay in the United States.

    Your wife must be able to convince the consular officer during her interview that she has strong ties to the Philippines or compelling reasons to return back after a temporary stay in the United States. Only a consular officer can determine the eligibility of your wife for a visitor visa. Nevertheless, she may apply for a visitor visa anytime.

    For application procedures, please see Thanks. Admin NIV2

  • Hi Angel Ning,

    Your question is answered or would be answered during the visa interview of the applicant with that case.

    An applicant’s eligibility for a nonimmigrant visa is determined by a consular officer during the visa interview. Visitor visa applications are evaluated based on section 214(b) of the US Immigration and Nationality Act. This law requires consular officers to presume that nonimmigrant visa applicants intend to immigrate unless they can demonstrate that their familial, social, professional, and economic ties to the Philippines are compelling enough for them to return after a temporary stay in the United States.

    Consular officers determine from objective evidence of strong family, economic, professional, and social ties to an applicant’s home country that an applicant has no intention of abandoning his residence there. Even if an applicant superficially displays such ties to his or her home country, the consular officer is still obligated by law to deny the visa application if the officer determines that the applicant intends to abandon those ties, doubts the veracity of the ties, finds out that the applicant’s ties in the United States outweigh those in Philippines, or the officer believes the purpose of travel is not permissible under the requested visa category. Thanks. Admin NIV2

  • Giselle Llanto

    Hi Giselle,

    Please send your inquiry to A consular officer would review and respond to your inquiry. Thank you. Admin NIV2

  • Thank you! My question has been answered. Good day!

  • U. S. Embassy Manila,

    Good day, I would like to ask if I could apply a US Non Immigrant Visa here in Belgrade Serbia, I am here for tourist and now planning to visit USA also. Do they approve my tourist visa just in case I apply here? Or do I have to go back in Manila?

    Please advice. Many thanks.


  • USEM

    Good day, I would like to inquire if that is possible to apply for a US visa here in Belgrade Serbia since that I am here for a holiday and I am planning to visit US as well since that I am here already? Or do I need to go back to Philippines?

    Please advice. Many thanks.

    Karine Lagrosa

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