immigrant visa update

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  • @ Jayson Vitug

    Hi Jayson,

    to enable us to be more responsive to your inquiry, we request you to send an email to regarding your concerns. The applicant's complete name and case number should be clearly indicated. Thank you. *Admin IV2

  • Good day! Pwede po ba magtanong. Work & Travel participant po ako before, nag expired na po yung J1 Visa ko. Ngayon po balak po ako kunin ng tita ko sa USA. Paano po ba ang mga gagawin? Anong visa po ang dapat kong kunin? At ano po ung mga kailangang documents? Maraming salamat po.

  • Hi Everyone! A friend of mine needs help, He came alone to the United State as Immigrant under F4(petition by sibling who is US citizen) The spouse and child under 21 years of age are derivatives beneficiaries.But the spouse and child stayed in the Philippines.Now are they allowed to continue and apply for the visa processing in order to join Him in the US? Priority date is current about 4 years ago,But the spouse and a child did not pay the processing fee at the time the NVC notified them to pay Due to financial problem.Only the Principal beneficiary paid his visa processing fee. c

    Can the spouse and the child still be follow to join the principal immigrant in the US?

  • @Gehry Vels

    Hi Gehry,

    The spouse can still follow to join indefinitely. The child can follow to join if they still qualify as a valid derivative (ie child under age 21). Your friend should send an email regarding his situation to the email address below. The correspondence unit will guide him on how to proceed.

    Sincerely, Admin CONS2

  • Hello USEM,

    I sent my forms and notification to you last august 2 2012,as i was browsing through your website i read a note that says if i sent the letter and you receive it before July 3,you will process my case at your office,but if i sent it and you recieve it after that date,it will be returned to me and i will have to send it to the USCIS lock have a link to their website but there is nowhere to find their address,i kept looking,i did not receive the letter i sent to you yet,is it ok to send another one to the USCIS lock box?and if yes,can you please help me by giving me their address?my priority date is may 2,and is there a deadline for me to send all the necessary paper work.

  • can anyone tell me what is the address for the USCIS lock box?

    and if i already sent a mail to the embassy and later notice that i should have sent it the USCIS lock box instead,is it okay for me to go ahead and send another mail to the USCIS?please help.embassy is close due to flood,I`m suppose to go there and ask these questions in person but they are close.and for some reason i cannot call please if anyone knows,kindly answer me please.thank you.

  • please help po advice kasi po yong visa nang papa ko nasa U.S embassy pa po kasi nag pa change nang birth year nya sa visa kahapon po kaso sa ticket nya flight nya mamayang gabi to U.S.A ano pong gagawin namin na yong visa expiry nya august 8, 2012 na po... please help thank you po...

  • @Irene Gwilt

    Hi Irene. You may complete an Application for Waiver on Grounds of Inadmissibility (Form I-601), which must be mailed directly to the USCIS Phoenix Lockbox. For U.S. Postal Service: USCIS, P.O. Box 21600, Phoenix, AZ, 85036. For Express mail or Courier deliveries: USCIS, ATTN: 601/212 Foreign Filers, 1820 E. Skyharbor, Circle S, Suite 100, Phoenix, AZ, 85034. Further information regarding waiver filing can be found at this website: Hope this helps. Thank you. / AdminIV1

  • @Catherine Tormis

    Hi Catherine. To enable us to be more responsive to your inquiry, please send an email to Thank you. / Admin IV1


    we interviewed last august 17,2012..we want to update what is the progress of our long will it take for us to know when the VISA is release..thank you so much

  • hoping for your response ..GOD BLESS

  • @ Exyl Paraba

    Hi Exyl. If you wish to get an update on your visa case, you may send an inquiry to Your complete name and case number should be clearly indicated when sending your email. Thank you. *AdminIV2

  • thank you US EM

  • .

  • @Odnumde Pard Oropel

    Hi. To enable us to be more responsive to your inquiry, please send an email to Thank you. / Admin IV1

  • What is the average wait time between submission of a non-immigration visa application and the appointment for the interview currently?

  • Good Morning! US.Embassy,

    May i ask? how many days, do i recieve my IR-1 green card visa after my interview?..

  • @Len Olive

    Hi Len. Since many factors may affect visa issuance, we are unable to predict precisely if or when an applicant would qualify for a visa. We advise our clients not to finalize travel plans, dispose of their properties, or resign from jobs until a visa is actually delivered to the applicant. Thank you. / AdminIV1

  • hi

    i would like to confirm something for clarification - i just finish my interview - my visa is on hold. they ask for a affidavit sponsor. I got my affidavit of support but the amount indicated didnt meet the standard poverty guidelines. my question is do i need to find a "additional sponsor to add-up to the first support? or do I need to find a new sponsor that will meet the standard poverty guidelines? Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you

  • Hi Hazel, If the petitioner’s income is not sufficient to meet financial support guidelines, the applicant may provide an affidavit of support with supporting financial documents from any qualified joint sponsor.

    Hope this information is helpful to you. Admin IV11





  • Hi Jun, Hi . To enable us to be more responsive to your inquiry, please send an email to with your complete name, case number, visa category and your priority date. Thank you. / Admin IV19

  • My mother who has a tourist visa is expiring this oct.16, 2012 They have been in and out of the united states to visit their relatives. and this year they accompanied their grandson who is a US Citizen back to the States. Last Oct 5 they went to Canada to visit my father's cousin. It was just a quick visit wherein the fare was a 1st paycheck gift from his grandson. To cut the story short, When they went back to the States last Oct 7 they were expecting for an extension for their stay there because they were still planning to go to London to visit their son, but they were not entertained by the immigration officer and denied an extension. The problem is before they left the states they had their ticket rebooked for april 2013. they problem is they are having a hard time getting an available flight for Oct 15 or 16 the nearest on was Oct 18, so is it possible for my mother to stay in US for 2 extra days after her visa lapse so that she can take the Oct 18 flight. Will it damage her tourist visa status.Can she go to the US immigration and confide this problem of her because their is no more available flight before the end of the allowed stay given to her and that's Oct 15, this is a very urgent matter, and we would really appreciate if you can enlighten us with our problem, ty. will be waiting for your reply coz we are running out of time. ty

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