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  • good day,

    i just wanna ask if what is the difference between J1 visa to F1 and M1 Visa?

    just wanna make sure what Visa i will apply..


  • @Jo-Ann Steve

    Hi Jo-Ann,

    Yes there is a difference between those visa types. The J1 visa is for visitors going to the U.S. for educational or cultural exchanges. There are many subcategories within the J1 visa class. The F1 visa is the student visa. This is the visa for people who wish to study at U.S. colleges and universities. The M1 visa is also a student visa but this visa is used for people who wish to study at technical schools for skilled trades such as welding, auto maintenaince, etc.

    For more specific information about these visa classes, please see the website below and do more research to see which visa is the correct visa for your purposes.

    I hope that helps.

    Sincerely, Admin CONS2


  • Hello,

    I would like to ask some question about SEVIS, since I am currently helping my mother on her J-1 visa application I got a little lost where to get the sevis number and how to acquire it. Can you help me.

    Thank you

  • good day, i just want to ask if i can approve J-I visa even i have previous visa before as K-I visa..

    i been to states and got married there but after a month of marriage i comeback to philippines then i comeback to school to finish my college. and what age is a limit for student who want to apply for J-I visa..?

    thank you again

  • Hi Anne,

    Your eligilbity for a J-1 visa would be determined during your visa interview. Age is not part of the requirements. Please refer to http://manila.usembassy.gov/wwwhni10.html for application procedures. Thanks. Admin NIV2

  • thank u for your response

  • HI

    I want to apply J-1 visa but in order to process my j-1 visa application it needs DS-2019. how can i acquire the DS-2019? do i need to go to embassy to have it?

    hoping you respond soon.

    thank you

  • Good day! May I please ask about J-1 Visa. Is there a minimum required years for the teaching experience if I'm applying is through the USA EMPLOYMENT PROGRAM, a Teacher Exchange Program? Will the numbers of years as a student teacher in my undergraduate degree can be considered for the teaching experience or will it be just the the teaching experience as an employed teacher? I hope you can find time for this matter. Thank you very much.

  • thank you very much, admin NIV6

  • Hi! I'm currently applying for an Internship Program (j1 exchange Visitor Program) thru International Placement agencies I want to ask if I'm already in U.S for my Intern. Am i allowed to stay more and find job in states after my program? if no, tell me how and the legal procedure to do so.

    Thank you.

  • Hi Annas-Deriposun,

    Thank you for your message.

    A visa holder is allowed to stay until the date specified by the immigration officer at the POE, even if it is after the program. Once it lapses, he/she has to have a B1/B2 visa if he/she wants to stay a bit longer, but still temporarily, with this intent. If you do not have a B1/B2 visa now, then you have to exit the US and get one.

    Please be reminded that it is important to be in status at all times because it might affect your future application for entry to the US if you overstay.

    Hope this information helps.


    Admin NIV7

  • Hi there!


    i really need to know if i can still use my R J2 visa? It will expire this coming June 30, 2016. My wife and daughter are in South Carolina Denmark and i want to visit them this coming holidays. I got the this visa from Philippines 2 years ago and right now i am in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for work. I have been so busy with my masters and work and now is the only chance i have to visit them.

    I called the USA embassy here in Riyadh and they told me that i need to confirm it with the US embassy in Philippines.

    I will be waiting for your response.

    Thank you and God bless!


  • Hello, Rod.

    Thank you for your message.

    In general, a nonimmigrant visa is valid for use any time before its expiration date provided that it is in good condition and has not been tampered with or altered in any way. However, please be aware that a visa does not guarantee entry to the United States. It is only a permission to apply for entry. Visa holders are subject to inspection at the port of entry by United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers who have the sole authority to allow or deny anyone admission.


    Admin NIV7

  • good day mam/sir i would like to ask if for example you are a j1 holder and currently in internship in miami florida.my question is, is it possible that i can change the status of my j1 to working visa?is it in the company or is it in your hand to change the visa status? thanks in advance...

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