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  • Hello USEM

    i just want to ask if Saudi Police Clearance is needed during embassy interview? My second question is do you issue or give a letter of request for that clearance in Riyadh US embassy/? Hope you can reply.Tnx

  • @Ashlei Vann

    HI Ashlei,

    If you are currently a resident of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it is possible to get a police clearance. It would be wise for any OFW working in Saudi Arabia to obtain a clearance before leaving Saudi Arabia if they have a pending immigration visa petition. This is especially true if that visa petition's priority date is current or will be soon.

    It is not currently possible for non-residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to obtain a police clearance. When it is not possible for an applicant to obtain a police clearance, the Consular Officer may waive the requirement. When you go for an interview, the Immigrant Visa section staff will let you know if you need to obtain a police clearance from Saudi Arabia.

    I hope that helps.

    Sincerely, Admin CONS2

  • hello! i just like to know when will my immigrant visa petition will become current?im f2a and i recieved my case number last 2010 from the nvc.thank you!

  • i marry a woman in the philippine will her cr 1 visa get denied if no tax return of not to much income let say 7.088 dollar a year i do not got a co sponsor will she get denied of her cr 1 visa...


  • Hi Joan Honorato Galano. Currently, Philippine F2A immigrant visa numbers are available only for applicants with priority dates before October 8, 2009. You may visit the State Department’s website at for information on the movement of priority dates and visa availability. Thank you. / AdminIV1

  • Hello Christopher Bennett. When applying for an immigrant visa, applicants are required to submit the original, properly executed Affidavit of Support (Form I-864) from the petitioner together with a copy of the petitioner’s most recent Federal income tax return (Form 1040) and wage statements (Form W-2) to substantiate the information regarding income and other financial resources.

    The adjudicating consular officer will assess the totality of circumstances and the adequacy of the petitioner’s financial resources and determine if additional financial documentation will be required as the application is processed. Thank you. / AdminIV1

  • Hi Marissa Musthaler. Immigrant visa applicants are required to present a police certificate from any place or places of residence for at least six months since attaining the age of 16. In your case, you are only required to submit a Philippine National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) clearance.

    An NBI or other police clearances should be in your current name, birth certificate name, maiden name and any aliases or nicknames used, including different spellings used of those names, and different dates of birth. Thank you. / AdminIV1

  • hi..i just want to ask after the approval and payments of aos and visa processing at the nvc what's next and how long does it takes to have medical and interview? and i heard that i will be receiving a form how long? f2a category..thank you so much..hope u can reply.

  • @maribel thank you so much for the information...i really appreciate it :). by the way my husband have an atty to follow up the case and i think it's online payment, hope i can receive any papers or requirements this month from the nvc..are you a u.s cit wife? coz they say its faster than a legal permanent resident to petition???? can i ask also how long do i need to wait for that letter from the nvc after the payment?? ...thank you so much again for the response :) Godbless

  • Hi Marieljoy. All case processing for Manila including appointment scheduling is generally done at the National Visa Center (NVC). The applicant’s place in the scheduling queue is determined by the date she submits all the necessary fees and supporting documents to NVC and the case becomes documentarily qualified. The best way to expedite the case is for the applicant to complete the NVC processing as quickly as possible.

    The NVC will send you and the petitioner an appointment letter and will subsequently forward the case to Embassy Manila once an interview slot becomes available for you. We will process the case once the visa petition is received from NVC.

    Your petitioner may wish to contact NVC by email at regarding his concerns. Thank you. / AdminIV1

  • thank you so much for the response u.s embassy manila!!! :)..Godbless:)

  • Hello USEM,

    I have a question regarding my previous visa which was an immigrant visa valid until 1995 or 1996. I was never able to renew my visa until now. My question is if it is still possible to renew my immigrant visa after so many years. My brother is asking us to visit them in Colorado. Right now he is in tour with the U.S. army. I still have my old green card and social security card from the U.S. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks and God bless.


    Nestor Roque T. Salazar

  • @Nestor Roque T. Salazar

    Hi Nestor,

    If a Legal Permanent Resident (commonly called LPR or greencard holder) has been outside the U.S. for more than one year without permission from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS), then the LPR is generally considered to have abandoned their LPR status. If you have been outside the U.S. for more than one year, you should contact USCIS to determine your current status. It may be possible for USCIS to issue a boarding letter which will allow the LPR to return to the United States.

    If USCIS determines that the LPR is not eligible for a Boarding Letter, the LPR may then apply for a special immigrant visa known as a "Returning Resident (SB1)" visa. In order to qualify as a returning resident, individuals must apply at the U.S. Embassy to demonstrate to a consular officer that they departed the U.S. with the intention of returning after a stay of less than one (1) year abroad, and their failure to return to the U.S. as planned must be shown to have been for reasons beyond the individual’s control.

    For more information about Returning Resident visas, please visit the website below. I hope that helps.

    Sincerely, Admin CONS2

  • so itmeans that 2010 will be next priority date? thank you very much...

  • hello usem.. just want to ask if civil case will affect of getting immigrant visa?thank u so much...

  • So I have a question. Why would a counselor require a joint sponsor if you meet the requirements of more than 3x 125% poverty in Cash (Savings)? Even though no job in USA but starting a business that you had before. Proof of that business and taxes. No income for 3 years because of an injury yet you what the REQUIRED money in the bank? There is an exception that I qualified for but they didn't honor it why? I have been married almost 3 years and living in the Philippines. I have money but no job YET. Staying with parents upon arrival until I can get a house. So, what was wrong?

  • @Brian Leiter

    Hi Brian,

    Please send your question along with proof of funds to Please include your case number in the email. The correspondence team will have a consular officer review the evidence to see if this was something they overlooked or if there were other public charge concerns which prompted them to suggest a joint sponsor. Please be patient waiting for a response as it will take some time for the officer to review your case and have the correspondence unit respond.

    I hope that helps.

    Sincerely, Admin CONS2

  • Hello! Just want to ask - My interview date is on June 6 2012, Do my husband need to send me all the original copy of the documents that we sent via electronic application? or What are the documents I need to bring in the interview?? Thank you so much :) I'm under CR1

  • My stepdaughter/adopted daughter, after many years of awaiting the adoption results despite her age now 21 years old and all the many judges that they changed on our case due to judges being moved about...the adoption was granted...which is a nice thing since I raised my adopted for nearly 10 to 11 years. She has a R2 interview coming up later in May. I have lived here for about ten years and have not worked in states for that same amount of time....I did not keep my records of W2's.....I work in my parents restaurant as manager when I am back home. I still have the same job when I return home. My mother has made a letter to the embassy for me to give them during the interview along with her tax records and business license saying that I still will have my job and that my adopted and we are not a financial burden. The restaurant was started by my late father and has been in my family ever sense the start in 1957. It is a franchise.....My case is unique since I came here before marrying my Filipino husband....and we married in states but I raised his kids since the first wife of his died....I am industries and I have volunteered with NGO groups here helping indigence persons.....I watched Visa hour and it said if you do not have W2 stubs but can provide financial maintenance via letter saying you have work and will not be a financial burden to the public the Embassy will take it into consideration......I would be much better off with my adopted there with me so I can properly school her and bring her up in a good land of the USA. It is hard to separate a mother and daughter team that has been living together for already long years and I adapting to the culture waiting out the long processes and the patience....I have a certificate from the Philippines national SOLGEN office and they did not deny the adoption case. They could not believe that the courts where we live had taken so long with the case.....I am not allowed time enough as the court here has not released the signed certificate with the approved decision of the judge and the SOLGEN so they brought me a certified certificate from Makati to Bohol hand delivered from one of the SOLGEN justices into my hands.....We have not been able to change the name on her passport and put me as the birth mom as her adopted new birth record would have me as the birth mom....We have plane tickets already....for the interview....we will bring the passport under the name in which I applied her name and go from there....I have kept one of the councilors up to date on my situation from the get far everyone at the Embassy has been super great and nice to me....I hope there is some advise because I am here in Philippines for a long time awaiting all of this never letting up hope and sacrificed not seeing my family for a long time, I am described as an amazing and wonderful woman for what I have been through with here....10 years total......We are both excited and anxious about the interview...Please pray and keep positive thoughts and prayers for us......Again Thank you for all the wonderful help you have all been in the embassy in Manila.....

  • good morning po i just want to ask lang po about po kung ilang days or months bago dumating yung interview date kasi po documentary qualified na po ako at super current na po ng priority date ko which is 2006 pa f2a po category ko sana po ay may sumagot ng aking tanong sALAmat po

  • @Bryan Tabilos

    Hi Bryan. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) sends approved petitions to the State Department’s National Visa Center (NVC) for documentary processing. The NVC will forward the case to Embassy Manila once it is documentarily qualified and an interview slot becomes available. Unfortunately, we cannot state with any accuracy how long it usually takes to receive cases from the NVC. We regret that in some cases, delays may be experienced. We will process the case upon receipt of the petition from the NVC. Thank you. / AdminIV1

  • gud afternoon po... sir/ madam just want to ask lang po .. na interview na po kmi already last may 8,2012.. we are family but having a different case number...we are 6 immigrant.. my 5kids was no problem at all except for the 1 na di naka indicate ang name and surname ng husband ko sa birth cert nya.... pero inayus naman po iyung birth cert nya sa manila city hall after nung nalaman nya na wala name nya..and then na ayus naman po ung acknowledgement paper na sya ang father. at na registered naman po sa nso.. then humingi po ang consul ng aos na i864.. pero nag pasa na po kmi ng i864w sa nvc ..lhat po cla i864w kc minor age po cla kaya exempted sa affidavit of support.. for me kailangan ko po mag submit ng nbi na may a.k.a.. pero nag submit na po ako ng nbi na latest 2012..(wala lang po a.k.a)... but last wed (kinabukasan po after ng interview namin) naka pag submit na din po ako sa 2go at around 9am ng nbi na may a.k.a. at affidavit of support na i864 na hini hingi ng american consul off. (para maihabol po agad)... saan po ba ako kailangan mag inquire na para malaman ko kung ok na po at ready for pick up na ang visa?....tnx and more power... god bless....

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