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  • Have a nice day US Embassy..Please help us regarding the released of our visa..I am a wife of a US citizen and I, together with my 2 sons were under 221g..we were requested to submit additional requirements and were submitted last Nov.14..hopefully, everything is alright and we wish to received our visa ASAP so that we can celebrate Christmas with my husband..thank you very much in advance ..more power and God Bless...

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  • anu p0 ung additional documents na hiningi nila sa inyo?.. dumating n p0 ba visa nyo?...

  • i have a question ....after i got the visa what will i do aside from purchasing a plane ticket?may mga training or lectures pa ba?

  • @diaz jody_you have to attend the CFO seminar

  • can i open the plastic to get my passport and the summary?

  • @Diaz Jody, Thanks for the question. Please be aware that Filipinos are subject to exit clearances from Philippine authorities. Please contact the Commission on Filipinos Overseas for more information about their requirements and procedures.

    @Juan Lazy Sipag, thank you for the question. Our applicants frequently ask us about this. Yes, you may open the clear plastic to retrieve the documents inside. Do not open the part of the package which is intended to be opened by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) at the Point-of-Entry (POE). I hope this helps.


    Admin CONS2

  • hi US.EM,. my husband had a daughter from his previous wife and we now had a son as well, what am i going to write on their(my son & my stepdaughter) about the DS-230 form in question no. 31a & 31b persons accompany you to the united states? we already sent a form and they email us telling that we have to fill up that ques.again, i put a N/A on their previous form,. badly need some help and advice,.. thanks in advance,.. more power. GOD Bless,..

  • Hi Joyce,

    It depends, who is the principal applicant? If the principal applicant is your husband, then you should write son and daughter. If you are the principal applicant, then write son and stepdaughter.

    I hope that helps.

    Sincerely, Admin CONS2

  • My husband is the petitioner, Does it mean I Am the principal applicant then? my son is 2 years old & my stepdaughter is now 16 years old,. and how about my stepdaughter form? whom should i put on her form? Thanks again US. EM..,

  • Hi Joyce,

    If your husband is the petitioner, and each of you have separate petitions, you should list the children as son and daughter. The relationship to the petitioner is the legal basis for the petition.

    If you are still confused, please give me the immigration visa categories to which you are applying (i.e. IR1, IR2, etc.) and whether the petitioner is an U.S. citizen or Legal Permanent Residen (LPR, commonly known as a greencard holder).

    Sincerely, Admin CONS2

  • IR1-My husband is a United States Citizen, yes we do have separate petitions. I was just confused with my stepdaughter's form, My son & I will accompany her when we're ready to go to U.S, but some one told me that we don't have a direct derivative to put my name on her form. Can i write my name & his half brother's name on the Question 31a if we are her accompanies when she go to US? And my stepdaughter's name & I, on my son's form? Thanks again US. EM.. Your a Great Help,.

  • Good day! I would like to inquire about the status of my immigrant visa (IR-5). After my interview last July, my passport was taken but I was placed under 221g. Last December, I received a communication letter from US Embassy to submit an updated medical exam from St Luke`s, a valid passport and expired passports. I was given a 3 months clearance by S Luke`s last July. I reapplied for a medical last January and got my medical clearance last March 20 and which was submitted directly to the US Embassy by the St Luke`s staff. On the same day. I submitted the other documents including an updated NBIi clearance to 2GO. I would like o know what to expect from here. Do I start tracking my passport? How long will i take for my visa to be released? Thank you.

  • Hi US Embassy, I have a petition from my mom, our priority date is june 2002 (F2B, immigrant visa petition) we were affected by retrogression last 2010. we paid all the fees and we are just waiting for our priority date to be current. The current visa process as of april 2012 is Dec 8, 2001. How long will it take for our appointment for medical and interview. Thank you very much.

  • @Maria Remedios Sanchez

    Hi Maria,

    To get a status update on your case, please email Please be patient while you wait for a response.

    @Mariebe Valdez

    Hi Mariebe,

    I am sorry to hear that your petition was retrogressed. You should not schedule a new medical appointment or interview until your petition has become current again. Please keep an eye on the Visa Bulletin issued by the Department of State each month. Once your priority date is current again, please contact for instructions on how to proceed.

    Sincerely, Admin CONS2

  • Hello....Im going to apply for a Cr1 Visa...what is the requirements for it. Do i have to have sufficient amount of money in the bank to be approve..thank you

  • Thank you you for the reply.

  • thank you so much.

  • @David Miller

    Hi David,

    In order for a spouse of a U.S. citizen to qualify for immigration benefits, an I-130 immigrant visa petition must be filed on the alien spouse’s behalf with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) office, which has jurisdiction over the U.S. citizen’s place of residence. The USCIS must approve the visa petition before the alien spouse can apply for an immigrant visa.

    You may wish to visit the following websites:





    which provide comprehensive information on how a U.S. citizen may bring a Filipino spouse or fiancé(e) to the United States.

    Thank you,


  • thank you

  • Good day :)

    I would like to know if do I need to send the original copy of my birth certificate, marriage contract, passport nbi clearance together with the Immigrant Visa Application form to this address National Visa Center

    Attn: WC

    31 Rochester Avenue, Suite 200

    Portsmouth, NH 03801-2909

    or can we do it via Electronic mail?

    Thank you so much!

  • Good day!

    How long does it usually take for you to set an appointment for those IR-1/CR-1 applicants once NVC forwarded all the documents needed for interview?

    Hope to hear from you soon! Thank you!

  • Hi Jesse-Carla George. All case processing for Manila including appointment scheduling is generally done at the State Department's National Visa Center (NVC). The applicant’s place in the scheduling queue is determined by the date she submits all the necessary fees and supporting documents to NVC and the case becomes documentarily qualified. The best way to expedite the case is for the applicant to complete the NVC processing as quickly as possible.

    The NVC will send the petitioner and the applicant an appointment letter and will subsequently forward the case to Embassy Manila once an interview slot becomes available for the applicant. We will process the case as soon as the visa petition is received from NVC.

    You may wish to contact NVC by email at regarding your concerns. Thank you. / AdminIV1

  • I am a little confused, when I apply for my wifes I-30 petition, do I need to do one for my daughter, she was born here but has a US passport, when we file she will be 4yrs old and has never been to the US. She was born here and has CRB??

  • magandang tanghali po....:) penetetion po kami nag kapatid ko sa mother po namin.....yong PREFERENCE CAtegory po namin ai F2B at yong PRIORITY date po namin ai MAY03,2002 pa PO.....pwede po ba mag tanong kung anong PREFERENCE DATE nyo ngayong MAY 2012?KC po parang matagal napo kaming ng hintay almost 11yrs ngayon po ai completo napo yong mga documento namin at marami po kaming hinawakan na papers galing sa NVC sa U.S last yr lang po namin to nattanggap...ano po ba ang dapat naming gawin?salamat........

  • @Stephen King - We understand that your daughter has U.S. passport, in that case your daughter does not need a visa to enter the U.S.

    @Jess Tambis Delda - You may wish to visit the State Department's website at for information on the movement of priority dates and visa availability.

    Hope this helps. Thank you. *Admin IV2

  • (not sure if I'm posting in the right place...)


    In 1992, I filed petitions for my mom and sister. I sent an inquiry to and they sent me to this site..., so here I am.

    From what I was told recently by my Mom and sister, they never received letters from the local U.S. Embassy.

    So my question, what can be done to get this petition in process?

    Thank you for your time.

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