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  • Hi I have question how many months it will take to approve the petition for spouse of a U.S Citizen?I had my notification receipt for almost 4 months this April.What are documents still be needed to follow in approval or decision of the petition I 130.pls give some info...thank you.

  • @Editha Asuncion

    Hi Editha,

    It varies from case to case, but in general it takes 10-12 months for a spousal petition be processed and a visa issued. Once USCIS approves a petition, it is sent to the National Visa Center (NVC) for further processing. The NVC does pre-processing and collects some fees. The case is then forwarded to an Embassy or Consulate and the benficiary of the petition will be notified what they need to do to proceed.

    It sounds like your case is at the NVC stage. To learn more about the NVC and to get contact information for them, please visit this website:

    Sincerely, Admin CONS2

  • Hi, my husband who is a US Citizen filed an I-130 petition for my daughter who is currently in the Philippines. She lives with my mother who passed away 4 months ago. Is there a possibility to expedited her papers because she is a minor? How long it would take for her petition to be approved or process? My daughter is 15 yrs old.

    Thank you.

  • Hi, I just want to ask how many months it will take to wait if I already received the approval for my petition last Feb. 14,2012? I'm a wife of US Citizen! The notice type that I have received: Approval Notice Section: Husband or wife of US Citizen , 201 (b) INA. Thank you. God bless.

  • Good day.Iam a filipina and was married to a soldier for 4 yrs but now his out in the army .I just want to ask if there's any way how to get my husbands address now that his living in San Antonio Texas .We don't have communication at all i tried to talked to him but he don't give me responce.I hope to hear from you thank you and God bless us

  • @Gayle Altovar

    Hi Gayle,

    The U.S. Congress passed a law known as the privacy act. Under this act, it is not lawful for U.S. government employees to release information about U.S. citizens without their prior written consent. So, without a waiver of privacy rights, what you are requesting is not legally possible.

    Sincerely, Admin CONS2

  • Good day, I would like to ask if a US citizen minor (my daughter,blue passport holder) is also required to undergo a medical checkup prior to the interview? thank you very much! God bless

  • @Jaimie Cruz

    Hi Jaimie,

    Assuming that you are applying for an immigration visa and your daughter is accompanying you to the interview, no she does not need a medical checkup because she is a U.S. citizen and is not participating in the immigration process. If the assumption above is wrong, please email with more information about the type of visa you are applying for and provide your personal details. Please do not post this information to the forum as this is a public venue and the information would be available for all to see.

    I hope that helps.

    Sincerely, Admin CONS2

  • Thank you very much Admin! your reply was a big HELP! God bless

  • I need assistance regarding the CRBA. My Husband is in the U.S Army and currently deployed in Afghanistan since September 2011 and is expected to be back Late June of this year. I was 2 months pregnant before he deployed and needed to go back home (Philippines) given the fact I was pregnant and will be alone.I just gave birth to our son last april 7. 2012 and getting the birth certificate from NSO will take months. We already have all the forms in hand except for the birth certificate but it's from the local civil registrar and the only appointment that I got online is on May 4, 2012 the only thing holding us back is the appointment online since everything for may is all booked except for that date . Is there any way you guys can help us out? If we could just submit the birth certificate even if it's not NSO but once we do have it we will forward a copy of it.

    We really want to bring our kid to the states once he is back from deployment given the fact he missed most of my pregnancy and he missed the birth of our child. Please assist us. Thanks

  • @Abby Snell

    Hi Abby,

    You will need the NSO birth certificate. If you do not have the NSO birth certificate on the day of your appointment, you will be asked to reschedule.Some people have had better luck getting the NSO birth certificate if they visit an NSO office in person.

    Sincerely, Admin CONS2

  • Hello, i will like information as to how we can get an american passport and s.s. number for my grandchild, she was born in the philippines , my son is an american cirizen currently in japan working for the us navy. the baby is still in philippines with her mother. what paperwork will we need and how can we get it done.

    we would like to have the baby in the U.S. real soon it is already a year and we still did not even get an appointment t.

    please help me any way you can, thamnk you so much

    god bless.

  • @Di Elsawy

    Hi Di,

    Your son needs to apply for a Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA) for their child. Your son will need to complete some paperwork in front of a U.S. notary and send them to his wife in the Philippines OR your son can attend the interview and sign the papers in person.

    For more information about applying for a CRBA at the U.S. Embassy in Manila, please see the website below for information on requirements, costs, and how to make an appointment.

    Sincerely, Admin CONS2

  • Hello again Admin,i have already asked you whether my daughter will still go through a medical checkup since she is already a US Citizen (minor), yes we are applying for an immigrant visa, but she only got her Citizenship on march 12,2012...does it mean she's still exempted from the medical checkup? thank you very much...God bless


  • @Di Elsawy

    Hi Di,

    We just checked the schedule for CRBA appointments, and as of this moment there are 3 appointments on Friday Apr. 27, 2012. There are 63 appointments available the week of May 7-11, 2012. There is 1 appointment available on June 26, 2012. There are 31 appointments available in the month of July. August appointments have not been opened yet.

    Please visit this website to make an appointment:

    Sincerely, Admin CONS2

  • Hello again Admin,i have already asked you whether my daughter will still go through a medical checkup since she is already a US Citizen (minor), yes we are applying for an immigrant visa, but she only got her Citizenship on march 12,2012...does it mean she's still exempted from the medical checkup? thank you very much...God bless

  • Hi there again ,so you mean to say i need to get a waiver fro the us gov? how can i do that ? can you give me an idea coz i really need to get my husbands address , A friend of mine told me that us emabassy can help me about this . thank you

  • @ Jaimie Michaela-ellan Anoyab Cruz, i think your queries were already been answered by the US Embassy as posted about 3 days ago... your daughter is a U.S. citizen and she don't need to undergo medical examinations as required for immigrant visa applicants like you... you and your daughter have different status, she's a citizen of the United States and therefore can go there anytime.... whereas you're still in the process of applying for an immigrant visa to enter the U.S.... how did your daughter got her US citizenship anyway?

  • @Gayle Altovar

    Hi Gayle,

    You misunderstood what was posted previously. You do not need a waiver from the U.S. Government. The U.S. Government needs a waiver from your husband before the U.S. Government can release any information about him to a third party. What this means is that unless your husband waives his privacy rights in writing, it is illegal for any U.S. Government official to release information about him to you.

    You are welcome to use to private resources to search for him such as Google, Lexis Nexus, mutual acquaintances, etc.

    Sincerely, Admin CONS2

  • Hi, I am a Dual Citizen (Philippines and USA) I grew up here in the Philippines so I don't have an idea if I should get SSN and I am not sure what Country's Identification Number is. Is my US passport number considered a country's identification number? Hoping for your reply regarding this matter.

  • okie thank you very much for the info ....

  • Admin That's not good enough. Since I already went to the NSO Office and they told me that they can't just issue the NSO certificate to me since the April 7,2012 is not in there database yet and the LCR can't just forward my son's birth certificate by itself since they do it in batches and they only do it once a month and once they do endorse it to the NSO to speed up the process it will take 3 weeks so roughly I will get the NSO birth certificate around the last week of JUNE . I really don't get why you guys can't help us with this my husband has done a lot for his country and been in 4 combat deployments for Iraq and Afghanistan. I mean it's not like were not gonna forward the NSO certificate because we will once we have it.

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  • Hi,

    Would like to make an inquiry, My child is a US citizen by birth, so she is holding a US Passport however it was expired already. I am annulled and the custody was granted to me. When I about to renew it. I bring all of the basic requirements that needs. When I am at the Embassy the Consular Officer had looked all my requirements, and also to my court order that the custody was granted to me (mother). But then she/he told me that it should be states "Sole Legal Custody and Physical Custody with no rights/visitation"?, my questions is that, Does it really have to states in that paper "Sole Legal and Physical Custody with No rights/visitation"? since that the custody was granted to me and I don't have any contact of my ex whereabouts?, Cause the law here in Phils. is that the father have the visitation and rights?...

    Please response... Much appreciated. Thank you.

  • Hi! My daughter made an appointment to renew her US passport for the first time as an adult yesterday for May 24 at 7:30am. When she submitted the appointment form it went back to the appointment page. Will an e-mail be sent for the confirmation page or it should automatically print the page? She was not able to get any printout. Please guide us on how will we able to print the appointment page. Could you also check if her appointment went through? Please advice. We should appreciate your prompt reply.

  • Hi

    In behalf of my aunt, we would like to ask if she can petition me to be an immigrant to US.

    She is a US citizen and a widower (Her husband and one daughter died few years back so shes all alone in US) and 79 years of age.

    She would like me to accompany her on US.

    I am 24 years old, single and working as regular employee here in Philippines.

  • @Cris Paet

    Hi Cris,

    Unfortunately, there is no immigrant visa class which allows for a petitionable relationship between an aunt and a niece/nephew. It is possible to have an aunt legally adopt a child and then petition for them but the adoption must be final prior to the 16th birthday of the applicant.

    For more information about immigration categories, please visit

    Sincerely, Admin CONS2

  • I think the embassy should also be aware there are several of us who have been roughed up in processing adoptions to make them before the 16th Birthday.

    Like for my case in example. We live in an area in where they had problems with the judges for several years to stay in the family court even though we have adoption requirements going back to 2007....We had many postponements in the case which was number one reason in why we also received a late judgement which is not fair on our part.

    So meaning to say even tho people who are patient and have to file by law in the area in where they live so the DSWD can do they're case studies and the crime rate has increased therefore the need of criminal judges are needed....I would hardly call it fair on the part of being 16 years old.....It was the side of the court the years and months of always being postponed in the case do to the judges not finishing the case....We waded through five judges in five years...we even had to file late because of no judge being in the family court where we lived as we were ready to file as I said in 2007 our records go back even before that when doing our requirements....She is the daughter of my husband who I have lived here with for ten years or more...I was always following the law biding my patience and renewing so many of the same requirements in order to keep them updated for five years at every six months intervals....I have many people who are higher justices then the ones in the local courts who pity me and admire me for having to put up with such an ordeal in the courts here that should have taken one year or less not five, not five years and 5 judges later....Judges would hear a court session and before you know it they could not finish it as the courts would postpone our hearings for months and up to years until they could replace the judge they moved to a criminal court.....I feel that the Embassy should look at the individual cases.....Even the National SOLGEN could not believe what an an ordeal I had been through....His office even signed the decision in my favor....and until now the court did not give it to me.... And they know I am processing my daughter to go to states....To the justice in the National SOLGEN Office he himself told me it was an honor to meet a lady such as me who has been through so this adoption, he himself brought me certification sealed from the National SOLGEN to my very hands once he had stepped off from the plane as he knows the courts until now did not give me the papers to even register my daughter at local registerer and NSO with her new name.....The decision of our case was late because of the court system here do to criminal increase in our province so it is sort of like being told no we cannot be accepted as her being adopted because criminals have the power to ruin our longtime in the court adoption it is not right.....I am also law abiding and I love my daughter I lived here in Philippines patiently for ten years raising her and her two older brothers and behaved the entire way through it....The Embassy also knows what is the Philippines and should be sympathetic as well as realistic about our case.....Yes' I am getting nerves are on edge after such an adoption experience......and I have been doing my honest to goodness best to do everything to the situation I am in....So far the Embassy has been so good to me but.....if your me away from your family in states for so long of a time do to the so long adoption case caused by the courts....That caused the decision to come out when she was 21 years was not in our control.....It should be a consideration in our case.....Thank you!!

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