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  • sir/madam:

    good day!

    i am petitioned by my father. i have my PD sep 2006. i need to travel with me my nephew. but they said i have to adopt him first. my question is what are the pertaining documents needed by the embassy for adoption process. that when i asked to submit my documents for interview, i will also submit his papers as my adopted child.

    thank you and more power.

    emilie marabulas

  • @Emilie Marabulas

    Hi Emily,

    You need to contact an attorney who is licensed to practice family law in the Philippines. This attorney can guide you through the process of adopting a child through the proper Philippine legal channels. Once the adoption is final and a legal decree is issued, your adopted child will be an eligible derivative as long as the adoption was final prior to the sixteenth (16) birthday of the adopted child and the child has been in the legal and physical custody of the adopting parent for at least two (2) years. Once adopted, the natural parent of the child shall have no right, privilege, or status by virtue of such parentage (this means that a child who is adopted cannot petition for their biological parents once in the U.S. because the legal relationship between the child and the biological parent is severed by the adoption).

    I hope this information is helpful.

    Sincerely, Admin CONS2

  • dear sir,

    thank you for the information.

    it'll help a lot.

    respectfully yours,

    emilie marabulas

  • I have another kind of adoption question. My wife and I are living in her hometown of Baybay Leyte. We are living with our adopted son, my wife's former nephew. The adoption was finalized by the Philippine domestic courts in 2007. We are now in the process of applying the I-130 for his visa. We have lived with him for the required two years plus, he is below 16 and as I mentioned we have complete custody after the finality of the adoption. When we visited the inquiry window in Manila embassy we were told all was in order but we needed more proof of parental control. We had many pictures and a couple of letters. Can someone please tell us what we must do to prove beyond doubt we have " parental control". Thanks in advance.

  • I have been with my stepchild since 2001 raised her with her two older brothers, and adopted her and it had taken five years so very long and 5 judges....why is is taking so long for the finality?

    Plus you will wait another few weeks or months for the SOLGEN to sign the court final decision. Our case had taken so long and we filed later do to no judges in the family court in the only court we could apply in for where we were living...

    Then we also did the I-130 file and she was accepted for that, I have ties here from being i an international club here that helps the my resident visa its not been easy and with all the storms happening need to get to Cebu and change her name only her middle name changes because I am a lady....Her dad even stop sending support to us a long time ago....He is a seaman...its been me for a very long time....

    Why would you need to show more parental control? It seems like you were awarded that when the adopted child's natural parents had come to the court to consent which is part of the procedure when adopting here....

    I am still processing my daughter to go to states, no way could she survive on her own her no way.....She has been way over traumatized she was the one at age ten to take care of her dyeing mother when her dad was at a seaman OFW.....her older brothers always had her serving them and I put a stop to it the first day I arrived here many moons ago....

    I hope all is going well with you Richard.....Ingat it means take care....with all that is going on over there...

  • @ Richard A Wilson

    Hi Richard,

    To enable us to be more responsive to your inquiry, please send an e-mail to


    Admin IV6

  • I am going to marry a native of the Philippines who has three daughters 3months, 3 years, and 10 years old in which there father has abandon them I would like to adopted them as my owe what do I do?

  • From what I understand she has no marriage license.

  • I am an American married to a Filipina from the Camotes islands. My wife has 2 nieces and a nephew who lost their father and grandfather shortly after Yolanda. We are interested in adopting the 3 children. Is there a expedited process for victims of Yolanda?

  • Hi good day!

    I have a fiance who leaves in Ohio, we been 3 years already, I'm separated with my husband more than 5 years and I have one kid my fiancee what to adopt my daughter as her own.

  • Is there any way that he can adopt my daughter

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