Pimped discs - beautiful or gaudy editions

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  • I just acquired yet another beautifully rendered Region 3 Limited Edition dvd set from Korea. That being THE FACE READER (DVD) 2 disc (First Press Limited Edition) by KD Media. The image below doesn't do the box justice relative to the beautifully inscribed text relief and related facial imagery.

    Upon opening the magnetic case cover, the box reveals the dvd case, along with the 8 postcards and two paperback books which will be shown in subsequent photos.

    From left to right: The box, the 500 page storyboard-conti-book, 103 page Scenario book, dvd slipcase.

    The revealed slipcase and double dvd holder along with the seven postcard sized image cards of the featured characters.

    The backside of the same postcards with the dvds removed from their dvd holder.

    A closer view of the dvd holder.

    Inside of the 500 page storybook-conti book.

    Inside of the 103 page scenario book.

    The two paperback books side by side.

    I love the construction of this set with its nice imagery on the box itself and the contents of both the books and the related postcards. This weighs almost as much as the A WEREWOLF BOY set in size and content. 1200 grams or roughly 3lbs.

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  • It's official folks: Korean Pimping is back!

  • Spain doesn't come out with too many 'pimped sets' so it's always nice to come across one in one's travels. Here is the Region B encoded El Artista Y La Modelo - Edición Coleccionista (BD + DVD + Libro De Fotos + 3 Postales) [Blu-ray] or THE ARTIST AND THE MODEL. With Castellano or French subtitles. (Regretfully there are no english subtitles)

    The box itself measures 11.25 x 5 inches



    The box, the dvd amaray case, the 68 page photo play of the film.

    dvd amaray case opened, photo book displayed.

    Back of amaray case book holder and 3 postcard sketches by Jean Claude Carriere

    All items as they slide into the slipcase.

  • And here we have the French Blu-ray boxset of all films by Jacques Tati, as released by Universal Studio Canal Video.

    All films have English subs (where needed), but the book is in French. Note that a similar set will be released in the UK later this year, and Criterion may be up to something in the US.

    But this is what the French version looks like:

    A lovely decorated slipcase-box protects the films and the booklet:

    The contents: six feature films, a collection of shorts, and a 56-page booklet:

    I really love the decoration and consistent lay-out of all discs here.

    All contents opened:

    A closer look at that booklet. Each film is covered with at least the poster and some liner notes. With only a few pages for each film, it's lightweight but still pretty good!

    All in all I'm very happy with this set!

  • That is one beautiful set! I'm still on the fence when it comes to owning a collection of Tati's work. I may wait to see what Criterion intends to do.

  • And here is the French Limited Edition Blu-ray of World War Z.

    So far I haven't been able to uncover many other Special Editions of this film, but this one pretty much has it all, and is English Friendly. Incidentally, it is also Dutch Friendly, heh...

    This is what it looks like: a nice box. It seems a bit worn, but that is intentional, part of the print.

    Backside is nice too. And you can just make out that this is number 2,017 out of 3,000. Yep, that's limited alright!

    All the contents taken out: a steelbook Blu-ray holder, a design art booklet, a poster, an extra documentary on DVD,and a stack of cards.

    All the contents opened:

    A closer look at the cards: these are marvelous and you get ten of them.

    A closer look at the 48-page booklet: very nice. It is an abbreviated version of the original 160-page design paperback.

    All in all a pretty decent release for a fun-but-flawed blockbuster!

  • So, on Thursday the 3rd of April, Snowpiercer finally premiered in The Netherlands, still a few months in advance of its potentially largest market, the US.

    On that very same day, this hefty package arrived from France:

    Yep, it's the French Blu-ray release. Well, actually it's Blu-ray, DVD, digital and some books.

    The set is locked to be used in region B only, and is not English-friendly. Thing is, it doesn't need to be: the film is almost entirely in English,and most of the Korean dialogue gets repeated for the benefit of the English-language characters in the story. Only at the very end there are a few sentences in just Korean, and for those I could easily decipher the French subs.

    Anyway,back to the package. This is what it looks like: a big box.

    Opening it, it isn't exactly full of air. Its contents fit snugly:

    All contents removed: two books and a steelbook.

    Don't forget you can click the image to get a larger version:

    All contents opened: the steelbook has some folders in it, a sneak preview at the new print of the graphic novel.

    A closer look at the blue hardcover book. I love that cover!

    The blue hardcover book has 80 pages, most of them covered in artwork, pictures and behind-the-scenes snapshots.

    A closer look at the black softcover book. I also love this cover!

    The black softcover book has 70 pages, filled with somber character sketches like this one:

    A close look at the steelbook, which you can buy separately as well:

    The End!

    All in all this is another spectacular release from French distributor Wild Side Video, and much recommended!

    Damn, I'm tickled pink to own this, and at 40 EUR it isn't even all that expensive.

  • This week I was visiting a place I used to work, and I noticed the nearby audio-video store was moving out, and holding a closure sale.

    So I picked up a few older DVDs for about a Euro each. Oh, and this: the Special Edition boxset of the three Transformers films on Blu-ray, the 3rd film included in 3D no less.

    This is what it looks like: a cube.

    The object inside is... a cardboard box.

    How to get the discs out? Aha, something moves...

    ...and moves further...

    ... and POP, that shard thingy can move foward!

    Moving it further forward...

    ... and POP, it comes out. And the three films are within.

    The films taken out.

    And that's it. No extras outside those on the disc. No booklets, nothing.

    It's just a big empty cardboard package, actually an ideal fit for the movies within!

  • And here is the German Special Edition Blu-ray for Battleship.

    It contains the steelbook edition, but that is a pretty big box. What else is in there?

    Well... there is quite some air inside (not as "fully loaded" as it says on the cover), but there are indeed some cards and goodies.

    Everything opened and spread out:

    A closer look at the goodies: a patch, a tag-shaped keyring, and a maglite.

    A closer look at the steelbook: damn, this thing is quite pretty!

    Note that you can buy the steelbook edition separate.

    All in all not a bad set, especially if you come across it at a discount!

  • Phew, it's been a while! The special editions I received mostly were covered on the main page of Twitch, so I never actually took the time to put them up here, in our forum.

    High time I remedy that... but first, here is an oldie from two years back: The German Special Edition of SnowWhite and the Huntsman. This one was actually in a sale and pretty cheap, so I thought ah why the hell not? Turns out it's a damn fine edition.

    This is what it looks like: a big box with an embossed slipcase.

    Slipping it out reveals... a heavy black box:

    Opening the box: ah, the film in a steelbook! And a certificate.

    Taking out the steelbook and a booklet, and... whoa! What happens here? Feathers and stuff!

    And in the feathers: a crystal ball, and a metal ring to place it on.

    The booklet is very good, 50 big pages with lots of (German) text and pictures:

    The steelbook, opened:

    The steelbook, closed. (The End!)

  • Entertaining movie and a beautiful set of items. Love the crystal ball and assorted trinkets.

  • Here are pictures of the SNOWPIERCER (2013) blu-ray 2-Disc & Art Book Steelbook Limited Edition Korean set put out by CJ entertainment E&M. The slipcase box measures 8 1/2 x 10 1/2 x 2 "

    The case itself has a burnished silver-brown texture to it and has quite a heft to it.

    The slipcase contains the 180 page paperbound book and the steelbook case container.

    The laminated plastic blu-print sheet and associated blu-ray holder.

    The Snowpiercer Steelbook which has a clear laminate slipcase.

    Inside the steelbook with attendant blu-rays

    The 180 page profusely illustrated softbound book with production drawings, biographies and history of the film.

    Close-up of numbering sticker attached to all the 20x31 laminate plastic blu-print poster

    The blu-print poster itself.

    I'm very satisfied with this set, even though it competes with the french SNOWPIERCER set from Wild Side for having the most bling for its money.

  • Ruggero Deodato's Mortal Vortex is also known under its English title The Washing Machine, so distributor Shameless had a case made in the shape of... a washing machine!

    And... that's basically it! Still, it's such a simple idea, yet so well executed, that I have to put it in this forum anyway.

    This is what it looks like:

    Designer Graham Humphries obviously had fun with this. Look what he did with Deodato's name:

    The backside, full of lewd jokes in the pictures. Only fair probably, as the film has loads of nudity in it.

  • It's been a while, so... time for some updates!

  • Distributor Lionsgate Home Entertainment UK Ltd. noticed that <b>Pulp Fiction</b> is now 20 years old, and decided to re-release it in a Deluxe Box edition. So... what's in the box? Trinkets, mostly, and of course the film itself, the disc of which features a fine transfer (albeit region B only) and is stacked with extras.

    This is what it looks like: the mysterious briefcase Vincent and Jules were sent to retrieve.

    The metallic embossing is kick-ass, the locks in particular look convincing even though they are totally fake.

    The box, opened. The inside of the lid is entirely covered in gold foil. This means that, with a flashlight, you can copy the iconic John Travolta shot where his face bathes in yellow light as he opens the briefcase. And yes, I know it works because I tried it myself, heh...

    The contents taken out. These are:

    - a big plasticized menu of Jack Rabbit Slim’s restaurant

    - a Big Kahuna Burger paper bag containing the Blu-ray

    - a wad of money (alas, fake)

    - a Z-shaped keyring

    - a bag with four art cards.

    All contents opened.

    The paper bag and the gold lining on the box make me giggle:

    Finally, a closer look at some of the items: the keyring and the money. One side of the bills features Uma, the other side John and Samuel.

    A booklet or such would have been nice, though to be honest most of the backgrounds are covered on the disc itself already. With that in mind, this is definitely a fun bit of packaging.

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